AFP forgot something!

What was overlooked is the fact that the Danes make the best television crime drama in the world. That’s enough to keep any population happy.   :-)

[Addendum: how could I forget? – with the exception of Luther, my favourite of all times.]

Weekly writing challenge: Snapshots


and I’m awake. What time is it? – there’s very little light coming through the blind …

Surely it wasn’t Lui who woke me?

I listen for repeated sounds of feline claws scratching at the bedroom door, but hear nothing. Lying there, swearing roundly and knowing something must’ve disturbed my sleep, I’m suddenly made aware of what it was, as a trembling, swelling, avian cry is repeated.

Koel. A bloody KOEL. Bummer: koel season just keeps coming ’round. I’m listening to the first – the harbinger of many more interrupted nights. Sighh …

It has a call you wouldn’t believe – guaranteed to wake you from even the deepest sleep (for the males are known to yell from trees for mates at all hours, and I mean ALL hours!) and drive you mad with the repetitiveness of their call.

So. I heave myself out of bed, knowing that’s it for sleeping, and stagger forth to greet the new … ahh, day? Well, very early morning. In fact, it’s damn well 4 o’clock! Curses!!!

Lui is surprised and pleased to see me: what, breakfast time already? Short pause while I realise I forgot to take his 30 grams of chopped meat (ugh!) out of the freezer last night, so it has to be microwaved. What else, on a morning of being awoken by a bloody koel?!

But then there is the real pleasure of pulling my first shot of the day. Having just splurged on a new grinder and spent the last few days on the Gaggia Users’ Group site – to the great improvement of my espresso knowledge – I can now do it RIGHT: 14g of ground beans in 25 seconds to give me 28g of liquid espresso, with faaabulous crema. Oh, that smell! Oh, the joy!

I wander out onto the balcony carrying liquid heaven and stand sipping it, looking out from the 4th floor over my odd little suburb. There’s only the faintest sign of light to the north-east: sunup due in something less than an hour. But the city is a hop, skip and jump away to my right, so there’s lots of light from the conglomeration of skyscraper office buildings to let me see everything.

I love this time of morning, truth to tell, when there’s no smell of diesel/no engine noise from the trucks and buses. It’s clean. It’s quiet.

Well, for a moment or two: but then … a-woo, awoooo, a-woooooo, a-WOOOOO, AWOOOOOOOO !!!

Bloody koels. I hate the damned things.

Well, OK, I don’t, really. They’re not having loud parties on their balconies, or playing hideous ‘music’ at strength 10, or shouting into their smartphones as they stagger past at 2 am. They’re just doing what nature tells ‘em to, and who am I to complain about that?!



Rather than giving into the urge to take a picture, write down your impressions of the scene. Who’s around? How does the air feel? What sounds do you hear? What emotions are you experiencing?

Using words only, take a snapshot of the experience.


Sunday: Am I forgiven for adding the koel’s call? – I mean, this post was ever so long ago. [grin]