Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand


Behold Le Château d’Entrechaux! – dans le département de Vaucluse (Drôme) et la région des Rhône-Alpes.

This I did not take myself, nono!: my wonderful husband, the stills photographer, was the operator. Comme presque d’habitude during our European travels.   :-)

This is a really GRAND shot: the contrast between the foreground out-of-season vines in their perfect rows, sharp as pins, and the misty ruins of the Château in the background – if that doesn’t compare and contrast the present and the past in one image, I don’t know what does!

Moving backwards with the times

I feel impelled to write something about Microsoft’s most recent and most loathed foray into the market – Windows 8.

As to why I feel so impelled … I think it’s rage at the con being perpetrated on some of the public – the ones who don’t know what they’re letting themselves in for.

Win8Seems (imnsho) that Microsoft decided everyone should have a touchscreen thinggy of some kind. That’s what they wanted (buggered if I know why: does MS sell handheld devices?) so that’s what they set out to promulgate with the release of this ghastly O/S.

OKOKOKOK!!! – maybe I am being a bit OTT. I’m allowed to be: I’m old. [grin] I also acknowledge that I’m not a person to do my best to change my own mind.

Lost count of the number of people who have told me “Oh, you’ll get used to it! I didn’t like it, either, when I first started; but now I don’t mind it at all.” A pox on you, that’s all I can say. Well, not quite all …

I honestly doubt that I’ve been so instantly put off by anything as I was by Win8 when given a laptop for my last birthday by my very loved friends. I was obliged, in the end, and after several days of trying to come to grips with the O/S, to give it back – can there be anything more insulting? Or, from my own point of view, more embarrassing? Nup.

And there’s an addendum to the story, to be honest: not only did I DETEST and ABHOR Win8, but I found it impossible to manage the touchpad! 25 years or so of desktop PCs, through all their developments, vagaries and irritating idiosyncrasies … and trying to use a touchpad left me swearing most appallingly and in the end getting up, throwing some stuff violently onto the floor and stamping back into the livingroom to watch TV.

Oh, and btw: don’t tell me about those shell programs for changing the desktop, OK? – if they changed it to look EXACTLY like Win 7, then mebbe …

The combo of Win8 and touchpads … I have run out of words. Finally.   :-)