Pingbacks 7

Anyone who might’ve read me on this topic already need not continue; for it’s more of the same.

I don’t understand pingbacks.

You’d think I would after wading through the article linked above, wouldn’t you? But she seems to be writing about people … ahh … kind of inserting pingbacks into posts, doesn’t she …?

Whereas my (limited) experience of them thus far is to follow each as it appears in Comments after some of my own posts, and find at the other end the entire list of pingbacks that are listed under the relevant The Daily Post: [whatever].

There may well be people out there in land who are offended by my having done nothing in response to their pingbacks – I don’t know … because I don’t understand the motivation in reproducing these lists.

So I fall to my ancient knees and beg someone to tell me:

  • why is this done?
  • what am I meant to do in response?

Sighh … Honestly, team, I’m genuinely sorry if my having done zilch by way of response has put noses out of joint. You can attribute my silence to my sitting here with ancient forehead creased, occasionally scratching my head, wondering if going out to the kitchen to pull another shot would allow me to forget this ongoing problem … and eventually deciding that the only way to solve it is TO ASK YOU.   :-)

So that’s what this post is about, pure and simple. I want to know.

What’s with this recreating on your sites the list of pingbacks that follows The Daily Post ideas?

[M.R. bows politely and withdraws backwards very slowly; continuing to bow till out of sight ...]


And she’s back! – you didn’t think you’d be rid of her for long, did you?   ;-)

I have just had a pingback that ISN’T one of the entries in a replication of a Daily Post list! Wow! I’m happy! This is making sense! (Thank you, Sun.)

But I really do want someone to explain to me about those lists: I may be missing something important …