There’s a lot to it …

bloggingIt’s taken me these seven weeks to realise – an incrementing realisation, I must add – that there are lots of things to take into account when committing to a blogsite.

I’ve a brief list, in no particular order:

• There are things I shall NEVER be able to work out unless someone knocks on my door and says “I’m from the Internet, and I’m here to help …”

Like?, you ask. OK: like Creative Commons, just one example. I honestly can’t understand clearly how CC works, in terms of actual protection

• There are people who are going to get the wrong end of the stick re something I’ve written, and start foaming at the mouth for no comprehensible reason. I believe these to be people who are having a hard time at home, so need An Outlet.

• There are many kind people at work in the WordPress Support section – so many! – but there are also a very few who delight in taking the mickey and being unhelpful. I believe these to be people who are too young for their years, so need to grow up. I don’t expect them to grow up to anywhere near my age: just to that point where they don’t do anything but provide assistance. Yes, even to irritating old farts. Because that’s what they’re there for, presumably.

• There are so many wonderful, fascinating, imaginative blogsites created by those of similar mindsets that I shall never be able to browse them all. I can only try … and also leave weird Comments that puzzle the creators. I don’t mean them to be weird, you understand: it’s the way the old brain functions.   ;-)

• Anyone mounting a blog can never hope to please everyone. OKOK! – we all understand that. But! … in secret we hope that’s what’s going down, the pleasing of everyone. Logic tells me (as opposed to all those sites offering to guide me to the very best way of setting up mine) that if we work out WHO we want to appeal to, we should be able to focus. But it’s no good saying that if we’re specialists – crafters, book reviewers (NOTE! – I need all of you, please!), artists, photographers, etc. – we’re home and hosed; because in fact we’re not after those of our own field, but the world in general! So I don’t believe there’s any way of being able to focus on a special group to design our sites for. I have spoken.

• There are some who sign up to follow whose own sites’ focus/foci are so far removed from mine that there’s simply no way of working out what has attracted them. This one causes the old brow to wrinkle quite a lot. :-\

• There are some things about that are simply not sufficient to provide everything I could want. Mind you, it’s not possible to conceive of a platform/CMS that would – not without Douglas Adams’ computer, anyway. But I dream of one day sending someone a list, and having ’em say “My, M.R.! – this is terrific! We’ll get started right away …”   :-}

Mais apart à tout cela … I have to say that blogging with has been pretty much of a joy. I’ve driven Support mad by changing templates too often to count; but they’ve at last all sat back with a sigh of relief, knowing my recent expenditure of A Large Sum has meant that’s the end of that! And having someone within The Portals of Light choose a post of mine for Freshly Pressed was … absolutely super. Would never have dreamed of it. What must I do to get another?   [grin]