A seasonal poem

I do not seek to have this wish at Christmas misconstrued;
I’m thinking of a sticky post forever to be glued
that says “I just want ATLMD to be reviewed …!”

“What’s that?!” “My book.” “Oh, now I see it on your sidebar stuck …
Reviews are hard to get; you’ll need a modicum of luck.”
A modicum won’t do – I need enough to fill a truck!

Reviews appear to be the way a book gets to be known;
depending on the site, of course, the readers will be prone
to have a gink if words of faint approval have been sown.

I don’t expect reviews to be a chorus of delight …
I wouldn’t mind if some said “Day!” and some said “No, it’s night!”;
Reviewing means there’s no such thing as total wrong or right.

So blogs of book reviews, I beg you: note you have been cued!
This ancient blogger from Downunder doesn’t want a feud –
she just wants ATLMD by you to be reviewed.

:-D (I can write doggerel till the cows come home. And possibly longer.)