Eight weeks on: do I need Focus?

Maybe it’s that I’m being affected by the Reader (and especially by Freshly Pressed): visiting that large grid of impressive and interesting sites, the first thing that strikes me today is that they’re tagged by TOPIC.


Have I committed the first and most dangerous sin in blogsville – of maintaining a site that cannot be classified?

I believe I have.

In fact, I’m obliged to admit that I have.

Having just gone into ‘Edit blogs I follow’ to check them all, I do find one or two that are roughly as unfocused as this one – but they comprise a very small percentage of my overall list.

It’s alarming to realise that I’ve only just taken into it account: all the blogs I follow – which are LEGION! –  can be categorised:

  • politics (left-wing)
  • photography (from a variety of countries)
  • humour (of all kinds)
  • ageing
  • beauty all around (not in the mirror!)
  • travel – well, people in other places, really
  • cats
  • reading
  • history
  • etc.

When I started out, I created my About page so as not to attempt to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes: I’m blogging as an effort to promote my book amongst thoughtful people. But one cannot actually write posts about that! – why, even I’d become bored after the second day in succession!

I’ve been doing my best to try to come up with a topic my blog could be listed under, without success. Basically, what I’m doing is posting things that I hope will provide entertainment in one way or another – yes, even when I’m raging about the current government Downunder (don’t get me started!) … and this is, in itself, a methodology guaranteed to result in a hotchpotch of material.

So. Consider this post a cry for help, if you will: a request for reader input on the matter of a blog’s needing to be focused – or not.

As some themes’ Comments ask: “what say you?” …


Coupla days later:

OK, I give in. Several have indicated that they like the post, and I am very happy with that. However, only one person – whom I am proud to out as one of my sisters (both of whom live a long way away from me, in different places) – has actually offered a  constructive suggestion. So. What to learn from this …?

Is there something about the way I write that makes you feel too timid to suggest anything? Do I seem to loom over you like a threatening old codger, daring you to open your mouths? I really, really hope not: because although I am certainly no longer youthful, I have in fact grown a tad more mellow! [grin]

So this is you last chance – in truth, my last chance – for you to tell me what you think. Because, believe me, I do want to know!   :-)