Always ask the questions FIRST, M.R.! 15

clippersI popped down to my local supermarket and ran into one of the women who works there with whom I talk a fair bit. I gasped! – she was looking marvellous, with her hair so short it had obviously been done with one of these thinggies.

I’m very familiar with ‘em, as Stringer always cut his own hair using one. (What did I do with that …? – oh yes! I gave it to my GP. I’ll bet he hasn’t had the courage to give it a go, yet.)

Debbie looks so terrific that I was instantly seized with a desire to be rid forever of haircuts that I haven’t really liked since my extraordinarily expensive cutter sold her Macquarie Street salon and went down to Melbourne to become a mother and housewife.

Deb said she’d had it done as part of a fund-raising effort for breast cancer (and had indeed raised a fair bit); but as I hadn’t run into her for a fair while, and knew nought of any of the background, I merely raved endlessly and truthfully about how it looks and determined to do the same. We arranged that the woman who’d clippered off the hair of the several volunteers would pop ’round to my place and do it here, for a modest sum.

I got out Stringer’s favourite stool and positioned myself in the middle of the kitchen for ease of subsequent sweepings, and Debbie stood watching while Ros got going with all the covers and so forth; then picking up the clippers took out a swathe. Debbie said “Too late now to change your mind!”, with a laugh. As clumps of my hair fell, she added, casually; “My cut’s about four weeks old, now—” then saw the expression on my face and stopped. A moment or two’s silence on all parts …

Then I shrugged under my voluminous plastic cape (causing lots more hair to cascade) and said “Oh well; I suppose mine’ll look like yours in another four weeks …”, somewhat nervously.

And there you have it, my dears: if ever you decide to do something radical based on how it looks on or has affected another person, run by ’em all possibly relevant questions before taking any decisions about doing the same thing. Had I done this, I would’ve had Ros give me a #4, not a #2 …

And now, because you’ve been so patient and read all this rubbish, I shall reveal to you what a #2 looks like on this ancient bonce …

But you know what? – I don’t actually mind it at all!   :-)


  1. Sorry but you know I don’t like short hair cuts. Stay out of the sun – and I hope it grows back to that beautiful colour I am so envious of. You know sometimes it doesn’t grow back!!
    It’ll be very cool for summer in both ways xxx Goanna

    • Sighh … you were the first person I thought of, knowing how crapped off you’d be. OF COURSE it’ll grow back: why wouldn’t it? My hair actually grows fast; so you may find yourself speaking to me before another six months have passed. ;-) XXX

  2. It looks cool but more importantly very distinguished in a feminine way. There must be a better word but I can’t think of one. I certainly wouldn’t worry about it. It’s just a case of hair today, gone tomorrow. And then back again.

  3. I LOVE it! I am a devoted short hair lover! And I admire your courage!! Or should I be sorry for your lack of experience in such matters? (hihihi) In any case, I know I will get to where you are someday!! As soon as I have no boss to mind my haircut :( Cheers!

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