My very real addiction 2

To start off with, here’s a nice little story about … well, my addiction (as ever, click on the image).

It would indeed be super if rude customers could be thus channelled into politeness, wouldn’t it? – but the shoe also fits the other foot …

How often when picking up my skim milk weak latte extra hot – for in truth I only really like my own coffee brewed in my own machine from my own beans – have I told myself “Right: I shan’t be passing this way again!” on account of the singular lack of friendliness shown by the ‘barista’? (The quote marks are there to indicate that imnsho many who call themselves this aren’t as good at it as I am.)


new-setupTHIS is the import of my post today!

If you refer back to a very early post I made, you will, I hope!, observe a significant difference between the two images …

Yes: the grinder. I never truly understood the enormous importance of one’s grinder to a coffee addict. But now I really, really do!

Whereas in my setup previously the grinder was an Australian Sunbeam EM045, which did a pretty good job and enabled me to produce coffee I thought was ace!, I’m now the proud possessor of an Italian grinder, a Le’Lit PL043MM – the last two letters referring to its capacity for almost infinite sizes of grinds via manual adjustment. It’s this joyous object that has put me in the happy position of being able to meet the very strict standards postulated by the Gaggia Users’ Group:

  • 14g ground beans (actually quite easy to weigh, once having weighed the group head)
  • 25 seconds of pulling the shot, resulting in
  • 28g espresso with most of it crema (achieved by weighing water in my coffee glass and comparing visually)

The Le’lit has only one disadvantage: when needing to adjust the grind smaller (which need occurs as the kilo of beans purchased grows ‘older’ throughout the month/less it takes me to get through them), one must do so WHILE GRINDING BEANS. This means I always lose some. Sighh …

But hey, the setup is now, I believe, as good as a solitary person can possibly have. I consume about 5 cups of coffee a day – my 28g topped with very hot milk – so there’s not much point in not having it top quality.

Note: I do realise that not everyone is as thrilled by coffee as am I, but one of the benefits of having a blogsite is that the maintainer of same can blog away to his/her heart’s content on any topic under the sun! Only if s/he is ruled by the number of ‘Likes’ with commensurate little gravatars will s/he become depressed by realising that those who appreciate the whole coffee-making process are not legion – not by a long shot. So perhaps if I add that when Chic was here, I never touched the little Spidem, as I didn’t have a clue about producing an espresso – why, then you might comprehend something of my satisfaction.   :-D


  1. Confession time: I am officially addicted to your writing. Another one: I am a passionate coffee lover. Popping the Question: we MUST meet in Morocco for a cup of coffee!!! 2 reasons: 1) Morocco is half way between Australia and the US. 2) their coffee is something to die for! You might not favor various spices in your cup (ginger, pepper, cinnamon, anise, nutmeg) which I go crazy about, but Moroccan coffee is soooo good pure as it comes, too!

    • Shut your face, you horrible woman! I was once given a cup of what they said was Moroccan coffee (but I suspect the people making it were playing it by ear), and I STILL adored it! What I wouldn’t give, Jouena … what I wouldn’t give.

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