Opting out of Facebook 16

I’ve given up.

As I’m unable to force my business/author page to turn itself into the hero, and every activity I undertake relating to FB continues to append itself to my personal page, I’ve cancelled out. I’ve tried everything suggested to me as a solution by the people to whom I turned for assistance, including FB’s own Help!: in a couple of instances, the first time I did [whatever] it worked, and I was thrilled; but thereafter everything reverted to the author page’s being something I was obliged to work on manually, because nothing done outside could be posted to it.

I honestly do not see what benefit I can gain on Facebook, anyway, in terms of pushing ATLMD (as regular readers know, that is the reason behind my blogging). I mean, honestly. If I were an author of multiple books, perhaps; because then there would be lots of headings to set up and so forth. But I ain’t, and shan’t be for a while.

FBAnd – Facebook lovers please stop reading NOW! – I really don’t like it.

It doesn’t have enough variability of design – doesn’t allow one’s personality to show.

What it does have are many infuriating aspects – one of which is some bloody list of total unknowns it keeps pushing me to link up with. In fact, the pushing of various things within it has driven me bonkers since last Tuesday, when I started.

And with regard to that unwanted personal page, the screen-grab shown is totally relevant: that’s exactly what I wanted to keep screaming!

I couldn’t get FB set up in terms of linking to it from here. And there’d be absolutely zero point in having the bloody thing going if the blog weren’t showing it, eh?

It is a far, far better thing I do, here on this blog (she added, somewhat prosaically) … I LIKE my blog. I like the people who have joined me on it. I like the blogs I follow. It’s a process that keeps a solitary old broad happy. The same would never have been able to be said about FB.

I have spoken.   [grin]


    • Hey dere, Jocelino! – did you see that I ‘outed’ you as my sister, the other day? No longer can you remain anonymous – well, that is, except that you’re showing up that way. Is it from choice?

  1. I’ve been on FB for awhile and I totally understand your frustration. FB has annoyed me more than once. The blogging community here is awesome and never fails to entertain. So glad it makes you happy.

    • My feelings exactly! And it’s so easy to navigate, as well! There will be a couple of people grumpy with me because I’ve dropped it for the second time; but I prefer that to having to be constantly enraged. [grin]

  2. I think FB is an invaluable tool, whether or not it’s frustrating. I think a personal FB account is more important than a business page though. Invite people to add you as “friend” so they can see cute pics of your cat or the favorite family recipe you just shared. Then set your WP blog up to automatically publish your blog posts on FB, and make those public. When your “friends” comment or “like” your posts, then all their friends see it too, and if these friends of friends like or comment — well you see where this is going. Like it or hate it, Facebook can potentially drive more traffic to your blogs and websites than will Twitter or Google.

      • Heartbreaking! I am so sorry for your loss. My children and grandchildren all live over 4,000 miles away due to a divorce many years ago, so I do have a teeny inkling of what you are talking about — very teeny. However, most of my Facebook “friends” aren’t real friends at all. Many of them I’ve never met. Facebook calls them friends, but I think of them as “networking contacts.” It’s a way to get your name and message in front of people who will never otherwise visit your blogs.

        If you ever do get a FB profile, make sure you send me an invite. ;)

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