This is SO COOL …!

Master of something I’m yet to Discover

My compatriot has done something so admirable that I can scarcely find sufficient superlatives to apply to it: she has followed the instructions I provided in the unlikely situation where someone wanted to replicate my workaround for a front-of-house (meaning at the head of the blog) nav system – a series of Tables of Content by Category.

It’s not that I’m so impressed because of her wanting to, but because of her being able to ! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my maunderings would be sufficient unto the day. Of course I hoped they would, but I know me …      :-D

Her tag is ‘Jack of All Trades’, and she thinks she doesn’t need to add the ‘and Master of None’. Well she bloody DOESN’T ! – just for starters, she’s about the cleverest and most delightful cartoonist of the ‘naïve’ school that I’ve come across. Impossible to say what I’d give to be able to illustrate my own stuff.

She’s a marvellous writer. She writes as she thinks. Don’t go there looking for polite praise but – you’ll be awfully disappointed !

I’m beginning to wonder if we both represent some particular kind of Australian blogger, inasmuch as ours as much the same kind – no special topic, no special direction. Just what we think when we think it. In a somewhat … ahh … individual way.

But don’t be put off by my likening hers to mine, OK ? – go and have a gink for yourselves.      :-)


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this…another blog I need to read and follow. Man! Especially now? Now that I’m trying to comment more rather than just “like” which implies minimal, or no, engagement??? Thanks a lot! :-)


    • I suspect that H and I are both obsessive, Katy ! It’s a kind of hobby, the theme part of the blog, and not recommended for anyone who is normal. [grin]


    • I shall have to re-think my self-image if this is true. I’ve always believed myself to be a person who creates confusion rather than clarifies anything, bb …


    • H’s drawing talent is SO apparent, Debra … Imagine being able to emphasise or underline anything you wanted to by picking up a pencil ! :-)



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