Miss me ?

Wonder how come you didn’t find my usual drivel in your Inbox or (ugh !) Reader today ? Well, in the event that anyone did, I don’t have an excuse – but I do have an explanation.

I am completely hooked on “Outlander”. Like, COMPLETELY. In fact, I am a total ADDICT.

My young sister (whose fault all this is !) and I were discussing on the ‘phone this-morning how pathetic we both are. Briefly. And then we agreed that it’s not pathetic at all: it’s just that Gabaldon knows how to write to please readers on so many levels. Not on all, I admit freely – there are some things I’d like less of and some more of; there’s the fact that I don’t like the narrator’s ‘Claire’ voice when she’s delivering dialogue… but they are so small, these dislikes.

The fact is that I’ve been playing disk after disk in slightly manic fashion, and have now [sob !] finished. It was only 28 disks, after all …

And it’s been made into a TV series, with close involvement from Gabaldon herself. Paula tells me it starts on Soho (Fox cable TV) THIS WEEK. [sob !] I can’t afford cable TV, and can only wonder how long it’s going to take to come out on DVD. It’ll probably cost more than a six-month subscription to Fox … Hmmmm …

74 thoughts on “Miss me ?

  1. I feel like I’ve been talking to you so much this week, I didn’t even notice you missing. :P

    [looks around] I know where you can get that. Episode 1. Now. Free. [looks around] [whispers] Meet you behind the shelter sheds. [winks]


    • You are a repulsive person, HD !!!! [grin]
      I was being silly, you know, with the “miss me ?” – as if anyone would over the course of a single day ! Well, other than going to bed thinking “My day seems to have gone well … what is it that makes me think so, I wonder …?” :-D
      Paula has just sent me another one from Audibubble !!!

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  2. After all your raving about how good it is I will now have to check out this book! I’ve just downloaded a sample to my Kindle. :-)


  3. As someone who stood on Culloden Moor and wept – such is the strength of her Scottish heritage – this sounds like a book I should read. But it will have to wait as a certain book arrived in the mail today that demands my immediate attention.


    • So there you go. I have no idea who would like it and who wouldn’t; but it’s possible that it’s more of a woman’s book than a man’s. Honestly don’t know !


          • Well in this case M-R it comes down to understanding social media. The blogger who today is suddenly way ahead is getting his votes all on something called StumbleUpon. I believe he has been clever enough to get his entry to go viral. All beyond me but I have had had great support from the WordPress community and my family and friends.


            • I do wish social media didn’t exist – well, other than blogging. It’s quite insane.
              This comp. will be the JetPacking company’s way of raising their profile within social media – and it sure seems to’ve worked …


  4. M.R. – I am grinning from ear to ear. Tess and I got into a conversation on this series with my raving about it. She actually had it on hand, but hadn’t read it yet. Oh, such envy on my part. From what you write, I can’t tell if you only read “Outlander,” or continued in the series. If you’ve only read the first one – oh, you are in for such a treat! Isn’t Jamie a dream?! Grin. No fair telling any details. When I found it back in the 90s, I bought the first one and halfway through, raced back to the bookstore for the 2nd and 3rd. Then, I sent it out like a virus through my friends, into work and it was so popular, we’d come into the break room and 7 or 8 women would be reading and raving about it – the number one rule was you had to know what book someone was on so you didn’t spoil it for them. :)


    • The moment I finished the first one, Huntie, I rushed in here to the PC and fired up Audible, ordering “Dragonfly in Amber”. Then about two hours later, Paula (my young sister) sent me an Audible gift of it !!!! – but I was able to get a credit on that and get “Voyager” instead.
      Have just started “DinA” and am fairly taken aback … Glad you lot are so wedded to NO SPOILERS !!!
      It’s a bit late in my life to become an addict of a book series; but hey, whyever not ?! :-D


      • M.R., what utter nonsense is this ~ “…It’s a bit late in my life to become an addict of a book series; …” Why else do we write, M.R.? Silly woman. I’ve several people who picked it up on my recommendation to read on the plane to visit family or friends…. grinning, they’d get off the plane and keep reading in the car and … and…. Grin. Sort of like what happened with my cruise and the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo series!


      • “It’s a bit late in my life to become an addict of a book series; but hey, whyever not ?”

        Just imagine, when you’re REALLY old, you can while away your days listening to these all over and over again! :D


  5. Don’t know this one, M-R. Am still waiting for the Husband to catch up on ‘The Bridge’ so we can continue with that. And am now into second semester, so no leisurely watching/reading for me. Ho-hum.


  6. Never heard of it and I could not connect to the trailer. Is it as good as ’80 days around the world by J.Verne?’ I generally avoid things with large swords in it. I’ll give anything a go though and will persevere.


    • Personally I might even give the TV series a miss: the books will more than likely be good enough for me.
      I don’t think I can bear the changes that have to be wrought to a story to turn it into a screenplay.


  7. Great, you just had a fantastic weekend being totally immersed in Outlander – 28 discs! Oh my the world went right by you, lol and you were happy as all can be. Good for you!


  8. Well, I’m a firm believer in listening when the universe whispers to me. First I heard of Outlander was in this post- evidently living under a rock or something – and now I am catching up on my reading and see a headline in the Wall St. Journal: The Mother of All Highland Flings with a glowing review of the series. Therefore I must now dip into this book to see what all the kerfuffle is about. BTW, the reviewer is in agony as she only received the first six episodes.


    • [grin] I can relate to that very well !
      I do hope you derive enjoyment from it, Barbara – it would be awful if you were to find it unrewarding – especially after all that buildup !


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