TROWC still telling frightful lies

The New Matilda

Now we ignoranti  who weren’t cluey enough to expect the May budget to have included a chart showing how the figures affect whom discover the chance we missed ! HAD we known to expect this list of figures, we could’ve been trumpeting its absence since that hideous night !

Because it weren’t there. And although Fairfax has since put in an FOI demand and managed to extract one document, there ain’t going to be any more: all FOI requests re the topic will be, we are told, summarily dismissed.

What a great group of blokes they all are, down there in Parliament House !! Read the article and see if you don’t agree …


  1. What a great video Gerard! A few ‘if only’ comments passed my lips. M-R, looking for a positive, isn’t it wonderful that the ‘Andrew Bolt law’
    didn’t pass! The more laws that fail to eventuate, make the coalition look ridiculous! Hang in there, all will be well, eventually! :-)

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  2. There was a survey recently that showed that even people who said they would be largely unaffected by the budget measures, hate the budget because it will hurt the poor the most. This mob on the hill are in so tight with Gina, Rupert, Andrew, et al, they can’t see that the rest of the population is actually made up of decent people who can easily spot an injustice no matter how many three-word slogans it’s hidden behind.



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