Off again …

Off again …

I have another talk, this-morning, and it’s in a suburb I’ve never been to !
This is the first time I’ve addressed a group in an organization other than a library: it’s a Probus group, and I hope very much that it will herald further Probus group talks via word of mouth. I have no way of getting in touch with any of these groups myself, as they’re kept in strict seclusion from we irritating members of the public who want to apprise them of our services: trying to get contact details out of their front office makes you think they must be part of ASIO !

So wish me luck: as you can see from the map, I’m going a fair way, so shan’t be back for a good while. I’ll do my best to catch up with posts later in the day; but for now it’s a matter of printing off some handouts and re-apprising myself of some aspects of my talk.

39 thoughts on “Off again …

    1. Coming home I had to walk up and across the damned line – nearly killed me … something like 8 flights !!!!!
      But a sweet young bloke carried my case ! :-D


    1. Thanks so much for your good wishes, Margherita ! :-) I met not only another Margaret whose cognome is Rose, but her nome is Margaret Rose !!!! HOW DARE SHE ?!!! [grin]


  1. Have a nice trip. Try and have a look and the ‘hammer and plumber’s wrench’ plastered on the exterior of the Revesby’s workers club. ( left side of the train). The directors must have agonised over this emblem not wishing to use the ‘hammer and sickle’. Have a good day and safe trip.


    1. I suppose I do, Meredith: sometimes I wonder why I keep doing this – especially since I’m now having to head farther out every time (end of this month I go to Liverpool Library, which is another city, virtually).


    1. We have yet to see if my telling today’s audience of my difficulty in contacting any Probus groups directly, and would they get stuck in to some word of mouth if they liked my talk … For all I know, they don’t know anyone in any other Probus group !


    1. That’s what I figure, H – but it’s impossible to contact any directly, and I mean IMPOSSIBLE. I gave a bit of a heartfelt plea, so it’s a matter of whether today’s group knows other Probus groups – dunno.


      1. Mm. In my experience, it tends to take one or two passionate individuals who follow through and the others just tag along. (It is the small dedicated following to our theatre company to which I am referring.).

        I’ve had that bloody song stuck in my head all day. Thanks for that. By the way.


  2. Glad to hear it went well M-R. Hope you have a lovely relaxing evening recovering. I always find going somewhere new exhausting, even without the public speaking!


    1. I think perhaps tha homeward trip’s necessitating my struggling up something like eight flights of stairs was what done it, Fi … I avoid stairs like the plague: until she dropped me off back at the station, I had NO IDEA this was ahead of me. You shoulda heard my language …

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