Very short addendum 35

It took about eighteen hours by train to get to Ingleburn (OK, so I’m exaggerating), but I’d loaded “Dragonfly in Amber” – vol. 2 of “Outlander” – onto the Sandisk SanClip and zoned out for the entire trip. I was collected from the station and driven to the Probus meeting at which I was the ‘monthly speaker’ and found there to be approx. 50 people. Wished I’d brought more copies of the review of ATLMD to hand out.

I want to post in more detail about this, so will add only that it did go well, and I was totally unfazed by the number (50 is the same as 5, far as I’m concerned) and they gave me a certificate and a BEAUTIFUL keyring.

Home again and fell asleep immediately in a chair. That’ll teach me to take my sango to the recliner. Awoke about half an hour ago.

AND … I’m simply not going to get through the number of posts in my Inbox – no way. I hope youse will say to yourselves “Stupid old fart ! – imagine sleeping through the entire afternoon !” and simply laugh … I should be back to some kind of speed in the morning but …


    • I’m beginning to wonder about it all, Ba me love … I suspect very strongly that when this current lot is done, I shan’t be setting up any new ones: one can flog oneself only so much.


  1. Good to hear it went well and doesn’t surprise me that you had such a successful turnout! All that talking just tuckered you out – LOL, really? You?


    • Nah, just a really grumpy author who wants to prove to her useless bloody publishers that something CAN be done to publicise the book.
      But in all honesty I am beginning to be tired …


  2. Have you ever video’d one of your talks? If not, ask the organizers if they’ll do that. Or bring along a friend with a smartphone. Then you can post the video on your blog and YouTube and let it do some talking for you.


  3. Glad it went well for you, M-R. You are flogging a dead horse as far as trying to convince the publishers anything! Your talks are worth more than anything they can do, anyway. That personal touch must create a positive response, and when people love your book, as they will, word gets around.


    • I do hope so, Christine; and as I tell them all, I don’t care if they don’t BUY it, just as long as they get if from their libraries and READ it !


  4. M-R please don’t give up the talks, they really are wonderful and each person tells another remember. I know I was so disappointed when you left your Randwick library I could have listened to you talk for a few more hours. Cheers, Colleen


    • I suppose I was utterly exhausted after that Probus talk, Colleen – it was something completely different from the Library talks … so much involvement, and so many people to actually talk to face-to-face as well as the talk itself. PLUS a microphone I had to hold – which I hated !
      I have a few more libraries to go, still … I really do prefer that environment !
      Thanks so much for your support, m’dear – it’s amazingly helpful. :-)


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