1. I will call her Lady MR! She deserves it. Since the time I first “met” her on the Internet, it was when Microsoft named her and me as “Beta Testers” for Messenger soft, it was during the early 90′s. Since then, I’ve met her and Chic, they were just “one”, one entity, and they were always together doing one thing at time, traveling, playing, cooking, oups no, that was Chic’s speciality ;) I love them like best friends, we were in touch for almost all subects, reading, computers, photography, and so many other things… What a pleasure to exchange with so wonderful people. I miss Chic, and he still in my heart. I hope to be able to keep in touch with MR for many many years… even if she continuously call me “Swiss pigg”! I love your writing, don’t stop! I love you MR. Take care <3

  2. It’s been only couple of hours since I have met you in the Blog-land and I can’t describe how much I enjoy your writing!! And I have already found quite a number of things that “click”, i.e. resonate – to use an intellectual vocabulary – with me! Especially when I listened to the radio interview with the older lady (forgive me, I did not catch her name…) – it was such pleasure!

    • That’s extraordinarily nice of you, m’dear! :-) As you will have discovered here or there throughout, I blog in order to draw attention to my book. It is written in much the same way, although on a much more … ahh … real topic. If you can get hold of it, I believe you will derive much pleasure from “And then like my dreams”: I can get nonsense into anything! It’s obvious we shall be exchanging many more comments.

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