So: whaddya like ? 41

I was reflecting, the other day, upon something I like a great deal; and the degree to which I enjoy it caused me to think further into the matter of all  the things I like. Upon which I decided that I should focus upon what makes me feel happy, in order to bring myself out of any foul temper that might, just possibly, one day in the far and distant future and although VERY unlikely, fall upon me like an inky cloak – for it’s been known to happen …

[draws breath]

Phew. Long sentence, eh ?

Anyway. I have come up with An Idea ! – hooray !

It’s frightfully easy for me to simply hit you between the eyes with MY list of these, and rave away to my heart’s content about them all. But I reckon what would be much more interesting would be to learn about YOURS ! To begin with, anyway.

You are a most amazingly diverse lot of people, and it strikes me that any list/s you would submit in response to being asked for same would reveal a pretty fascinating cross-section of appealing things … And the more I think about the idea, the more interesting it becomes.

So, my little loves: if you do not wish to have me seek you out and break your arm/s, please consider the following topics:


Then choose whatever speaks the most strongly to you, and post about it/them.

But this is NOT another ‘challenge’ – not 50% of LIOLI: it’s merely a way of ascertaining what you feel most positively about, in some detail (and it also saves you the trouble of thinking about what to post, for at least one day !) …

You don’t need to put a pingback under here unless I don’t  follow you (you know if I do !) – in which case I’d be grateful for a link so that I might do so in the future !

Hi honey, I’m home … 41

The new one was a total fizzog.

What it looked like in my review screen was nothing like it looked when published.

Boo-hoo !

So I’ve reverted to the extremely expensive one that I bought ages ago. The CSS alterations are impressive (many provided me by my mate in Support, of course !) – but I did work out some, I promise !

You’ve been given due warning 49

I have another library talk this-morning, in a few hours: I’ll be away till lunchtime.

When I get back, I shall take the site off-line and install the new theme I have my beady eye on. Having played with it a bit, I know already that it will not inherit anything much other than text; so almost everything is going to have to be done manually – “or once a year”, as Stringer would often add by way of explanation.   ;-)

I’m posting this now because in the past, when I’ve posted similar advice about going off-line I’ve still had people wondering what’s going on and trying to access the site: it appears that the appearance of my advice posts in that bloody Reader – which I personally detest (but that’s a whole different story) – hasn’t made it for hours.  Why this should be is a mystery, but then, so are many things emanating from Automattic, these days …

To give you some sort of idea of timing … I can’t ! I mean, I can tell you that it is, in Sydney, Oz, currently a bit before six in the morning – but that doesn’t help anyone reading this later.

All I’m able to do is advise that in roughly seven hours from now this site will be offline for an hour or so. Wish I had a magic wand that would let me know everyone’s local time. Sighh …

Here is a cartoon that amuses me greatly, just to keep things sweet:

Been thinking … 52

… and you can all shut up re the impossibility, lack of likelihood, etc., etc.   ;-)

I started wondering WHY I’m driven to keep changing my theme. Some suggestions have been received (as per Mary-Jean Melange, who I am ready to forgive almost  anything), that have to do largely with obsessive compulsive behaviour disorder …  and the more I think about that the more I think she may be entirely correct.

Sighh …

Well, if that’s how it is, it is. That’s all I’m going to say on OCD, once having accepted that I very probably suffer from it.

The other aspect, though, is that I may just be a kind of bower bird. Not a very good analogy, I know; but it has the advantage of being (largely) Aussie, and also a bird. And come to think of it, I, too, am a bird; and not only large, but Aussie !   [grin]   So in spite of the unsuitable application of the analogy, I’m going to stick with it.

I simply adore the challenge of finding a theme that shows SOME promise (but never lots), and then starting to apply my own CSS changes to it to bend it to my will. Oh. Bum. Just gave meself away again. Sighh … Those who now feel vindicated raise your hands. Yup: thought so.

Already have my eye on another, that at first (I ALWAYS type that as ‘firts’, at … the beginning) gives no sign at all of falling into the area I like. As to what that is, it’s actually too hard to describe; other than to say that I like a light background and a font that is totally legible under all circ.s – for there are many fonts that aren’t.

I hope very much that one day I shall land upon a theme that satisfies my every whim. In the meantime, youse hafta put up with the frequent changes, and NOT COMPLAIN, OK? You should be bloody grateful, imnsvho: where else will you find such endless variety ???

Addendum ! (just so as to keep one thing familiar)

The Wandering Iris says the following: ” Now for what I REALLY wanted to say……….so – you are a control freak, and thus far you have not found a theme that you can control totally.” Question: is that simply the same as OCD, or is being a control freak a different mental disorder ?

Cyber bullying …? 60

I posted a while back now about my having allowed myself to become labelled as a grumpy person. Crikey ! –  a really  long time ago, in blogging terms …

It seems I have assimilated that persona, doesn’t it ? – come on, be honest … but don’t all struggle to be the first to agree, OK ?   ;-)

I fear becoming a bully, I honestly do. I’ve always had what is delicately termed “a strong personality”; and it was probably that that led to my being made Head Pre in my final year of school. (That or the padded-shoulders blazer I had made to accommodate on the pocket the various noteworthy things I’d been awarded  … or maybe the ripple-sole brown suede shoes I wore to accompany it … Mother Rosalie used to sigh, and roll her eyes up, and say “Margaret Rose: why do you ALWAYS have to be DIFFERENT ?!”)

I really don’t want to appear to be keeping you all in line, y’know – because that would have to be a line of my creating … And you are all so individual !!

I enjoy being made a mockery of – it tickles me like anything ! But I do wonder if I’m not overstepping the mark, sometimes: you know, moving in past the boundary of each of your personal spaces …

If I do that, just poke me in the eye. With a sharp stick.

A very unknown blogger joins me 32

Like, no-one has ever heard of her.

She is SO anonymous that … well … for her to become the MCCCth is an amazing thing.

But there it is: I am now on her list of bloggers whose stuff turns up every … bloody … DAY !

And who is this nobody who managed to escape the M-R tractor beam for all this time …?




Had I realized all this time that she was not amongst those seeking to be tortured daily by having to read my rubbish, I would’ve been giving her a very hard time indeed.    [grin]

It’s 5 months since we met ! 102

Yes yes, the image is indeed OTT; but how many images do you think there are on the Web referring to 5 months, for heaven’s sake ?!  At least it’s not puce and purple, which it is in the original – never claim I am cruel to you …   ;-)

Can’t remember the last time that circa 150 days passed so quickly.  I’ll be falling off the twig before my interest level falls off …

Good on you all ! – and … thanks, OK?!

Foodbod and M.R. get together 25

foodbodElaine Boddy, woman after my own heart (I’m vego) and all-round good egg (but I’m not vegan), has been kind enough to add me to her list of “Why we blog” interviewees on her terrific Foodbod site. Hers is a totally individual approach to cooking – chock-full of adventure and practical experimentation, with open-hearted generosity and delight thrown in. PLUS a most adorable black spaniel puppy called Bob – as if the site needed any extras !

I remain unsure of the effect my inclusion will have on those other interviewees into whom she’d previously given us input: they may well be bridling somewhat and saying “But this woman can’t cook a lick !”.

In my own defence re the privilege of being part of Elaine’s excellent group of bloggers, I provide the subtitle on the Foodbod site:
“The foods that I love to make and eat, that I hope you will too (with a few bits of life, love and fun thrown in too)”.

See that? – you may choose one from the trio of extras in brackets !   :-)

If you wish to read yet more of my ramblings, click on the beautiful rose that I stole from her …

If I could say one thing … 33

checkoutThe title is a shameless steal from a programme on our ABC TV – it’s about … erhmm … how not to be ripped off, basically, and called The Checkout.  It contains a segment with this title, which contains someone pronouncing upon something people do that they shouldn’t if they want to save themselves money, time, or whatever. Sometimes the humour wins out over the information; but it’s mostly well worth watching. ImVho, of course !

So. If I could say one thing to some bloggers, it would be: please, when posting an image, remove its link unless it is actually larger than you have posted and you want us to be able to see it full-size.

If you post an image in its existing size because it will fit without problem, then there is one simple step I would beg you to observe: when you’ve selected it from your media library, you see this on the right of your library screen, yes?

All you have to do is, where the phrase ‘Link To’ is seen, click on the down arrow and choose what’s shown there – None. And when you’ve done that and published your post, no little link hand will appear over the image, and none of us will click on it, expecting to be shown a bigger version, and find only an identical picture. Which is quite extraordinarily irritating.

I honestly don’t mean to sound as if I think I know everything, because no-one is more aware of her many shortcomings than am I. It’s just that this is something that makes all posts more … appealing.

Emerald Wake 39

Another totally marvellous photo from my Polish blogging friend Emerald Wake.

Honestly, I grow bewildered by the plethora of photographic talent around ! I shall create a post of my personal favourites, I think; and although you will certainly know some of them already, with any luck it will bring to your attention someone new to you…

Addendum (yet again): I have been labouring under the delusion that this marvellous photog. is a woman. Jackie has pointed out, quite correctly, that he is a he. With apologies to anyone I’ve managed to lead up the garden path on this – not least Emerald Wake himself … Sighhh … Is my face red?!