Over and out from here

Over and out from here

This site won’t be worked again.

For ages I’ve felt the need to clean it up, tidy it, reduce stufff … and when I looked at doing that, I could see that it would be horrendously confusing. Really complex.

The obvious solution (to me !) was to move what I wanted to keep to a new site, and cease activity here.

For anyone who has been a reader and is sufficiently masochistic as to wish to remain so, the ‘new’ site is


and it’s sort of more of the same …


But I mean to try to exclude anything silly (unless it’s also funny, of course !) and time-wasting. When I’d exported all these posts across and started going through them, I was a bit appalled with some of the early stuff.


Anyway, there you go.

You can believe without hesitation that I would LOVE to have you reading my stuff (for the … 3rd ? 4th ? 5th ? time), and will be, as of this coming working week, starting once more to read yours !

Hasta la vista, baby !