You’ve been given due warning

I have another library talk this-morning, in a few hours: I’ll be away till lunchtime.

When I get back, I shall take the site off-line and install the new theme I have my beady eye on. Having played with it a bit, I know already that it will not inherit anything much other than text; so almost everything is going to have to be done manually – “or once a year”, as Stringer would often add by way of explanation.   😉

To give you some sort of idea of timing … I can’t ! I mean, I can tell you that it is, in Sydney, Oz, currently a bit before six in the morning – but that doesn’t help anyone reading this later. (Note to self: put time/weather widget in sidebar !)

All I’m able to do is advise that in roughly seven hours from now this site will be offline for an hour or so. Wish I had a magic wand that would let me know everyone’s local time. Sighh …

Here is a cartoon that amuses me greatly, just to keep things sweet:


  1. Indeed, me little love. It is noticeably different (as opposed to scarcely so from the current one to the previous one), but not in a “Mein gott !” kind of way. 😀


  2. Have fun ‘moving the furniture’ or ‘cleaning house’! Just have to say, I love your header image on this blog – of the purple flowers draping over the edge of the wall are gorgeous!
    Cute cartoon, too!


  3. OH, this is going to be fun. Can’t wait to see your new theme. I have no clue how to even take myself off line. I changed a theme while still online. Hhehehehehe Best of luck to you!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


  4. That cartoon is so true, I remember growing up, we had an old black and white cat and you could never get him off the back of the television set.

    Looking forward to the new look.


  5. 😀 So glad it got the response I hoped for. Obviously we have a lotta cat-lovers around. Fills me with hope for de woild.


  6. Jenny was the only animal which I had in my life and will be the only one she was too much perfected and I am afraid of being disappointed with an other one


  7. You are A Noble Woman, my dear, to persevere through such difficulties …
    Meanwhile I persevere in working my way through the emails advising me of posts from blogs I follow. I am hoping to reach yours before long. 🙂


  8. Few of them are as important as having and loving an animal and receiving its love in return. You’ve chosen to deprive yourself of that …
    Chacun son goût …


  9. Ah. More reasonable. In fact, I compliment you: for I am very much against having dogs cooped up in apartments. Daily walks simply don’t replace their natural activity.
    I shall now, as the Americans say …
    BUTT OUT !


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