From a library talk

NOTE: For those who may be reading ATLMD, this review does contain what could be described as spoilers (“Sweetie !”) …

Colleen Gillespie says:

Dear M.R.,

My copy of And Then Like My Dreams arrived rather swiftly through Australia Post, and was gratefully received Monday lunchtime. I couldn’t put it down and had the whole book read by Tuesday night! I will attempt as best I can to give you my thoughts, You will gather from this that my writing is not so hot – however, I am an avid reader.

What an absolute joy it was to read this beautiful warts and all love story, despite it ending in utter devastation for you. All I can say is you certainly found a rare diamond in C.S and he obviously felt the same way about you. How blessed you both were to find each other. My tears tumbled when I read of his passing.

The feasts C.S. cooked for you, oh my you had me salivating. Cooked with so much love as the main ingredient it was bound to taste sensational. Yummy I would have loved to have savoured one of your birthday lunches.

I laughed loudly at C.S. responses in tricky situations such as your train journey when you were crying about Mr W and he said he didn’t think Mr W would be doing likewise. Aaaah lovely humour.

Enjoyed immensely the background of the Australian Film Industry, how intriguing!!

Your travels abroad make me want to jump on the next plane out of here. Wonderful!

I would like to add how proud C.S. would be of you having honoured his contribution as the best stills photographer of his time at the National Film Institute of Australia in Canberra. The tears well again.

Loving your blog.

Wishing you everything good in life,


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  1. What a heartfelt critique of your book. Makes me want to take pen to paper and write my love story. (Does anyone do that anymore? Take pen to paper? But, the alternatives are so non-poetic!) Can’t wait to read your book!


  2. Not only do they not do that any more, Emilio, but by not doing so they have removed from our vocabulary MANY nice word groups. Sighh …


  3. Maybe I’ll make the effort. Put pen to paper. I do like the sound of that. What would be the 21st century version? Fingers to keyboard? Not quite the same.


  4. I haven’t read it …..yet (grin) but it’s clearly making a deep impression on people. How do we make a book ‘go viral’? Don’t true love / life stories catch the public consciousness today? I’d rather read this than all the Harry Totter stuff and nonsense.


  5. No idea how long it’s going to take to reach Honkers, Andrew: and even if AusPost told me, it’d be a lie.
    Nothing in this world gives me more pleasure than knowing that some are reading it; because nothing in this world is more important to me than having people learn and understand about Stringer. And me. 🙂


  6. M.R., we received one package from Britain in February that had been posted in October 13. It had been to Taiwan at some stage but where it spent most of the 5 months we have no idea. The address was correct. So we are used to snail mail :-).


  7. As a fellow who has just reached the opera tickets in Hamburg bit, I concur with everything Colleen has to say. Enjoying the book enormously.


  8. Oh, this is simply LOVELY … And you’re reading it in spite of being nagged unrelentingly by its author over months ! You must be a really good bloke, Simon. 😀


  9. To be honest, not really! It will be though. Long story short. The physical therapy is helping my shoulder but it’s also aggravating the fibromylagia and the weather is aggravating the COPD. If it’s not one thing it’s another but that’s okay! In an odd way I’m used to things going like this. I will get things under control eventually. It’s a bit like herding cats – difficult but not impossible. No matter what, unless something else unforeseen happens I should be back to posting soon. I miss all of you very much and feel bad for falling so far behind with my blog reading.

    And now back to more positive things – you’re very welcome! I hope many more people write reviews. 🙂


  10. You should feel bad for falling behind in your posting of wondrous photographs, you foolish woman ! [grin]
    I can only hope that it doesn’t take as long as usual for that herd of mogs to be corralled safely …


  11. Absolutely. As I went to Amazon and read more about the story my interest was tweaked a bit more by your travels together in Europe! Looking forward to it.


  12. An elk would be a bit large! How about a moose while we’re at it? Headed off to bed now. Hard to realize you’re 15 hours ahead of us, well into Monday. (I have Sydney as one of the cities on my iPhone clock.) 🙂


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