From my Probus talk

In early August, I travelled out to a suburb unknown to give my Atlmd talk to a Probus group.  It was always a bit of a puzzle to me that I had been asked to do so; as the young woman who mans the organization’s front desk refused point-blank to provide me with the names of people who arrange for speakers, which meant that Delores Munn had actually found me in the list of volunteer speakers and made contact. Why no-one else has ever done so is a constant reminder of my unimportance in the scheme of things. Alas.     😦

Among the 50 or so people comprising the audience was a man with a camera who is the Group’s photographer, and he snapped me with Delores and on my own with the book.

Original single
Original 2S

You will understand my dismay at seeing what Del posted to me, folded over, the other day …

So I was bold enough to post on the other site to the effect that I would be truly grateful if someone felt kind enough to see what s/he could to by way of image enhancement, as I’d spent a fruitless day trying to make the photos look better; and my friend Pike12 came to my rescue. Lynne also offered, but I didn’t have an email address to send the originals to; and bloody Rosenberger professed himself willing to have a go, but his end product turned out to be … ahh … humorous, the bastard !     [grin]

Here’s what Pike managed to get out of the single:

Improvement, eh ?

And the 2S of me with Del has been similiarly rendered viewable – by what means, I know not ! But Pike is a professional, and prepares her own shots for press use; so her amazing skills she takes for granted !

Talk about image enhancement …

I would offer Del these improved versions of the shots for their Group’s use, but for the fact that none of them is on the ‘Net. I find this somewhat amazing, but it’s none of my business. Certainly, the Group has a list of activities as long as your arm and they do a lot of good things for charity; so I’m not pointing the finger in any way. It’s just so I’m so used to being able to send and receive stuff online that it kind of rocks me back on my heels when I can’t.

ANYWAY ! This post is my record (and yours, you lucky things !) of my sole appearance at a Probus club to talk about the writing of “Atlmd”. The audience gave every appearance of interest and enthusiasm; but I feel quite sure it’s going to be the only time M-R is seen among that body of retirees. Pity.


  1. Sicuramente per te è stata una bella esperienza, chi ha fatto le foto un vero disastro!!
    Per fortuna che il tuo amico Pike 12 ha lavorato le foto e le ha rese molto molto più belle.
    Complimenti, è bravissimo!!
    Un abbraccio e un grande saluto. Patrizia


  2. I shall ! – willing to try any bloody thing that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (i.e., ACDSee).
    Thanks muchly, Neha ! 🙂


  3. She is. Couldn’t resist showing the originals: and they’re actually worse in hard copy because I slightly reduced the sizes …


  4. Still on tenterhooks about that other business but, me little mate. Still awaiting the result, after which I shall post …


  5. [waves back]
    Hello yourself, you clever thing !!!
    Finished all the cake yet ? I was hoping to find some in my letterbox … [grin]


  6. Finished it yesterday. Was a bit over it by then. I was soooo going to send you some (promise!) but it had butter-cream icing and I wasn’t convinced it would travel well unrefrigerated. What would I do if I poisoned you??


  7. Look at you 🙂 You hair has grown. Pike 12 did a miracle. Group photographer you say? That group would do better with a sketcher – it would present people more accurately. What a shame, just pisses me off! Next time you give a talk I hope it comes with someone capable of pressing the click button. Sorry for my meanness – but it just pisses me off

    Liked by 1 person

  8. That’s the reason why I call the computer guy rather than work for hours to try and fix something. They make it look too easy. Anyhow, fabulous photo dahling! 🙂


  9. What a great story, but how fascinating about none of them being on the net. I know they are an older group but as we very well know not all older people avoid the net. I reckon they are giving the rest of us a very bad name!


  10. Thank you, Pike for letting us enjoy the smiles of M.R.! And thank you for being You, M.R! Now how strange taking such a useless photo and even more strange not being on the net! My father is 81 and is managing the whole site of our local wrestling club. No problems.
    Good to see you – and good for those who listened to you. Wish I had been there…too long a flight though…


  11. Ah … if only I had the $$$ to buy it and the strength to learn how to use it, Pirkko …
    But I would never achieve your degree of skill with it, anyway !


  12. Ah yes, Ann-Christine ! – I do not think I could possibly have justified it. 😀
    My last talk for the year, and for ever, I think, will be at Sutherland Library, where they mean to FILM IT !!!


  13. Yes I know … It’s pretty gobsmacking isn’t it. So many older people are on the net to keep up with family for a start. Both my parents are, and they are 85+.

    I have friend in Probus here, a lot older than I am. She’s on the net, though not confidently so (She is doing an iPad course right now so that may change).


  14. Probably … some a scared and some are proud of their ludditeness! They don’t understand that like anything the internet is a tool that can be used for good as well as misused. And, with tablets now it is so relatively easy. My Dad never used a computer, ever, never looked at Mum’s that she’s had since 1988 (well not the same one since then!), and then last year at aged 93 got an iPad and it has made a huge difference to his ageing life. He e-mails my brother, his grandchildren, his sister, and others. He Skypes my brother. He has the stock market app, golf and cricket apps so he can check scores whenever, weather app, and so on. And he’s learnt how to use it efficiently — with help and trouble-shooting at times of course. (They live 3 mins walk from me so we don’t Skype!!)

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  15. I bet you were a great hit and the revamped photos are an immeasurable improvement. I am always gobsmacked by my contemporaries who’ve never looked at or tried the internet and have NO email (grrr!).


  16. There seems to be a mindset there, Hilary: it’s as if they’ve all taken a vote not to go on-line. Very strange …


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