Just watched myself for an hour !

Sent: Friday, 13 February 2015 9:48 AM
To: Margaret Rose STRINGER
Subject: Author talk video footage- Sutherland Library

Hello Margaret Rose,
I hope all is well with you. I am just sending you the video of your author talk presented at Sutherland Library. Apologies for the delay with sending you this.  Could you please view this, and advise us of any changes required before this is posted on our website.

Password:  yyyyyyyyyyyy

Many thanks,

The video of the last Library Talk I gave, last year, has finally become reality.

As you can see, at this point it hadn’t been vetted by me (it since has, and 0’20” tagged for removal !).

When it’s available, I’ll post the link to it on the Library’s site: even though just under an hour, you might be able to persevere through SOME of it …

Yes, this is nothing more than a headsup. I knew you’d all forgotten about it.   [grin]


  1. How did you go having to watch yourself for an hour? I have a couple of videos of plays I’ve been in and I’ve never been game to watch them. I shall be looking forward to your talk. I shall make popcorn and put it on the telly.

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  2. I was so disappointed when I opened this post to discover you hadn’t included the link!! What a tease you are M-R!!

    Looking forward to seeing it … when you finally do post the link 😉

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  3. Spitballs and straw at the ready, ma’am!
    Er…I mean, I can’t wait: A most lovely time will be had by all.
    No…still could be mis-read…
    I’m sure you do a bang-up job, Margaret-Rose, and I will enjoy seeing that. My own presentations, on video, are painful to me, and must have been several times more so for their live audiences: Fakey cheerleader/airline host smile and tone–seriously barf-inducing. The increased security of age and not giving much of a flying fig what folks think of one is so much nicer for those on both sides of the lectern.

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  4. I hope you won’t be disappointed: I was fairly revolted, myself. Sighh … But I do realize we see ourselves in a much worse light than most others do … 😐

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  5. Seeing as how it took them 5 months to send me the version for oversight, it may well take them another 5 for the final version. They’re busy people, I guess ….

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  6. [M-R falls about]
    HILARY ! – it’s just me being an outrageous showoff, that’s all ! – and you will NEVER be like that !!!!


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