Stopped with the Beginners

But should I have …?

They gave me stuff to do that irked me: change my titling ? — I don’t think so.

Drop in on the neighbours ? — I so loathe having people turn up unexpectedly that I really don’t have the words, so why would I be welcome ?

Oh — you mean, visit blogs ?! Now, that’s the reason I stopped blogging all those years ago: I didn’t have the time or the inclination to read only the gods know how many other posts. I mean, there are people who followed me for reasons I never grasped, as their own blogs showed nothing at all in common with my … uhh … thinking processes (if you can call what I do “thinking”).

Now I follow about 6, I think. There was a time when I was madly following knitting and crochet people; but they were trimmed down and trimmed down until now I follow just one Swedish crocheter and one Dutch knitter (and about every other craft as well) and a few personal bloggers. The former does work that makes me gasp; and the latter is a very talented kook with two beautiful moggies and a blogging style I love.


Do you know, I don’t even remember how I was able to set my blog with a static front page, so that posts are … somewhere else ?

Gawd. I have a colander for a head.  Sighh …