Tomorrow I move for the 5th time

And I mean since I came down to Geelong, at the end of April 2016.

There aren’t too many things to be said about such insanely peripatetic behaviour. So don’t even try to think of a response.

Five different addresses in 2½ years. And only one I’ve been happy in – for a while. Before the neighbour on the other side of a common wall began with the insufferable noise.

Of course the problem is that with my more than somewhat limited income (the age pension), it’s not possible to rent a nice place. Or a not nice place but in a nice area. Still, there’s a remote possibility that this latter scenario has just occurred … I’ll know soon. I mean, I already know it’s a not nice place: it’s the area that remains to be tested.

My eldest sister said on the phone: “It sounds like it’ll be a rest-of-life project for you …”, which was A Good Thing To Say. You know, rolling up the sleeves in the knowledge that the place can be made nice. Shitload of work but.

Still, at my age …