Try to imagine …

Having a quasi-feral mog; one from a litter of strays that were all going to be put head down in a bucket but were saved by a soft-hearted woman (you’re quite correct – it was not I) who passed one of them to me, needy as I was of a cat. No way I could’ve shared a dwelling with a person; but a cat ? – perfect.

Imagine him growing under my “care”. This alternated, I will admit, between giving him squashing hugs and loud kisses, and shouting at him to leave me alone. I don’t think this would’ve been my behaviour were it not for the recent loss of my very beloved mate, my husband, my mentor in everything. But you never know …

This mog eventually turned 12 – just last month, in fact – and is awfully good-looking and awfully keen on moi. Only the gods know why, when you reflect upon his upbringing. He never had a thing wrong with him if you don’t count the fact that he doesn’t like anyone but me.

Your imagining will boggle when I tell you that he has, not a fortnight ago, been diagnosed with diabetes 2. Jesus CHRIST ! And whilst he looks thin to me, I’m told I must diet him. Ack ! I must also inject him with insulin right after breakfast and right after dinner. Plus, I must test his wee daily with a little strip, and this is my current 

FAAAAARK ! – this is a nightmare !

Vets are funny people: they think that 75-y-os can do anything they can do. Fat 75-y-os, I should’ve said. Fat 75-y-os who are without self-esteem, especially when it comes to caring for a loved one. Much as I didn’t do at all well for my husband. I tend to panic when things don’t happen as they should, and think about lying on the ground and screaming. Happily I cannot; for I would not be able to get up again. Every cloud.

Suddenly my life has become full of all this. Because I love my cat with all my heart, I am filled with compassion for the poor little bugger with his huge shaved patches (where they tested him for this and that); and I don’t lose my temper or my cool. Not entirely.

So here we are, Lui Stringer and I, sharing a late and unwanted adventure.

Imagine that …