Oh my – 87,000 followers !

Here’s a crochet person who seems to have done pretty well with her blog … [gasp !]

It’s a lovely, calm kind of blog, in which she talks patterns and stitches, inter alia.  I have a terrible weakness for collecting stitch patterns: check out my collection in Bookmarks … (You see my link to all her stitches there – three from the bottom: no room to list them all separately  !)
Her name is Tiffany. Her daughter is a (younger) clone. They write of essential goodness, in amongst the crocheting text.

And yet I cannot loathe them: Tiffany’s skills are impressive, and the simple way she uses them to create lovely things is delightful.

If only my crocheting looked like that …!

But the bald fact is — I hold my crochet hook and use it like a single knitting needle.   [blush]
I hold my yarn in my right hand.
I am awful.
You would despise me to see me working.

And yet – I get it done !

But I wish I could crochet like Tiffany …

Effie and Phyllis

My Brisbane friend DMN, who comes down to visit every so often (is that friendly, or what ?!), once brought with her a medum-sized pot containing soil and a strange, long, green … thing. It was a bit like a three-cornered spear; and about 20 cm long (high ?). She handed it over and told me she’d also done one of these for herself to take home: she’d propagated them from her mum’s place, mid-way between Brisbane and Geelong in glorious Richmond, NSW.

So. I considered it. “What IS it ?” DMN had no idea of its name, but assured me that it was beautiful, once grown and flowering. Then we both set out to discover its identity, without immediate success: for my part, entering something like “long green 3-cornered stalk” into Doctor Google and checking out what he responded with just made me enraged. Happily for us both, another friend of mine here, the beautiful Barbara, came across one at an exhibition she attended (I think) and brought me a brochure. Epiphyllum. The hitherto unhelpful Doctor G came good: I was able to email DMN with his results, and she said, unhesitatingly, that it was the oxypetalum; for she could identify it from memories of her mother’s plant’s flowering.


DMN decided to call her plant Effie; M.R. called hers Phyllis. You observe that we are both somewhat lacking in imagination when it comes to botanical nomenclature (ahem !). Anyhoo, here they are; and I need no comments regarding whose photography is better, thank-you !

DMN’s Effie
M.R.’s Phyllis

The moral of this story is: have gardening faith. Long green spears will prove amazingly fascinating, developing into sensational plants.    :)

Moving on down the line …

There are several things I’m really interested in other than crochet and knitting – or should I say, as well as C&K. These include gardening; at which I am embarrassingly bad, bugger it.

Since arriving in this town at the end of April 2016 I’ve lived in no less than five different units; and my current rental is the first one with garden in which I can expend my less than satisfying efforts. I buy seeds online, and have even bought a couple of seedlings there, too; but the best way of all to try to fill the smallish but actually not so tiny garden beds is to go with my friends M&L to various plant markets on weekends.

The one I like best is the Drysdale market on every third Sunday (not counting winter) – it has easily the best plant stall-holders.

But the trouble is: no matter with how many bags of seedlings I come away from such places, I never seem to be filling up the L-shaped garden that follows the line of this building. It is NOT FULL. It is SPARSE. In spite of my planting out things that are meant to spread, they don’t. At least: if they’re meaning to, they’re taking their bloody time about it. :\

M of M&L made me a wonderful planter on legs, back in my 3rd unit; because there was a back yard but no soil. I seem to be OK with that in terms of filling it up – it is, after all, a very finite space. I shall take some photos with my current phone (my younger sister donates her cast-offs, which is much appreciated) and you’ll see exactly what I mean …

It’s been almost 5 years

And during all that time, I’ve been visiting blog-sites of knitters and crocheters and often wishing I had my own blog once more, so that I could talk about them and their craft/s.

Knitting Nuances – Laura Cunitz
Mijo Crochet – Johanna Lindahl

And there is always, I’m sorry to have to admit, a bit of a need to simply rave on about — something. Several things. But the C&K (it will become very familiar, that) is the driver of this blog.

Eventually, some blog-surfing person is going to drop in and cry “Good grief ! — it’s M.R. !” and that will be very nice. But till the coincidence arises, I’m doing nothing by way of trying to find my old blogging mates (most of whom I remember very clearly and very happily).

I practise both crafts, btw — not embarrassingly badly. But what is embarrassing about my application to them is that … it isn’t. Application, I mean. I am appallingly, dreadfully, finger-pointingly bad at finishing things. You can be sure that those I do finish you will see: it’s always a red-letter day !

Besides the sites of designers, there are a few people who are so clever that they make my head spin; and my favourite blogger is this one …

MarvelKnits – SpinningAnna

Anna has mastered so many crafts in her comparatively short life (well, in comparison with mine, it is) – and all of them really well – that I cannot but wonder how she’s fitted it all in. Mi piacerebbe essere così intelligente … Anyway, hers is an IDEAL personal blog – full of her slant on – well, everything: of course knitting, but the two beautiful cats she and her husband dote on, all the crafting activities she takes part in, food, clothes … Her blog is the most interesting series of daily posts I’ve ever come across*, and that’s the truth.

So. That was my first, this time around. Lui sleeps between my knees on this recliner chair (I have three) and the hour is ghastly. I believe I might go back to bed ! :)


*Might this be because I like the stream of consciousness style we share …?