It’s been almost 5 years

And during all that time, I’ve been visiting blog-sites of knitters and crocheters and often wishing I had my own blog once more, so that I could talk about them and their craft/s.

Knitting Nuances – Laura Cunitz
Mijo Crochet – Johanna Lindahl

And there is always, I’m sorry to have to admit, a bit of a need to simply rave on about — something. Several things. But the C&K (it will become very familiar, that) is the driver of this blog.

Eventually, some blog-surfing person is going to drop in and cry “Good grief ! — it’s M.R. !” and that will be very nice. But till the coincidence arises, I’m doing nothing by way of trying to find my old blogging mates (most of whom I remember very clearly and very happily).

I practise both crafts, btw — not embarrassingly badly. But what is embarrassing about my application to them is that … it isn’t. Application, I mean. I am appallingly, dreadfully, finger-pointingly bad at finishing things. You can be sure that those I do finish you will see: it’s always a red-letter day !

Besides the sites of designers, there are a few people who are so clever that they make my head spin; and my favourite blogger is this one …

MarvelKnits – SpinningAnna

Anna has mastered so many crafts in her comparatively short life (well, in comparison with mine, it is) – and all of them really well – that I cannot but wonder how she’s fitted it all in. Mi piacerebbe essere così intelligente … Anyway, hers is an IDEAL personal blog – full of her slant on – well, everything: of course knitting, but the two beautiful cats she and her husband dote on, all the crafting activities she takes part in, food, clothes … Her blog is the most interesting series of daily posts I’ve ever come across*, and that’s the truth.

So. That was my first, this time around. Lui sleeps between my knees on this recliner chair (I have three) and the hour is ghastly. I believe I might go back to bed ! :)


*Might this be because I like the stream of consciousness style we share …?



  1. Good grief it’s MR indeed! I’m an infrequent reader here these days even though I try to still post something weekly and believe it or not I’m a big fan of C & K. 🧶 I don’t follow many craft blogs here but my Pinterest page is full of patterns, stitches and color inspiration. 😊 I can get lost in all the ideas… Great to “see” you again. Lisa

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