Moving on down the line …

There are several things I’m really interested in other than crochet and knitting – or should I say, as well as C&K. These include gardening; at which I am embarrassingly bad, bugger it.

Since arriving in this town at the end of April 2016 I’ve lived in no less than five different units; and my current rental is the first one with garden in which I can expend my less than satisfying efforts. I buy seeds online, and have even bought a couple of seedlings there, too; but the best way of all to try to fill the smallish but actually not so tiny garden beds is to go with my friends M&L to various plant markets on weekends.

The one I like best is the Drysdale market on every third Sunday (not counting winter) – it has easily the best plant stall-holders.

But the trouble is: no matter with how many bags of seedlings I come away from such places, I never seem to be filling up the L-shaped garden that follows the line of this building. It is NOT FULL. It is SPARSE. In spite of my planting out things that are meant to spread, they don’t. At least: if they’re meaning to, they’re taking their bloody time about it. :\

M of M&L made me a wonderful planter on legs, back in my 3rd unit; because there was a back yard but no soil. I seem to be OK with that in terms of filling it up – it is, after all, a very finite space. I shall take some photos with my current phone (my younger sister donates her cast-offs, which is much appreciated) and you’ll see exactly what I mean …

Go on - you can say it. :)

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