What do I do ? – what am I to do …?

There’s a gardening show on our national television channel, the ABC, called “Gardening Australia”: it’s been running since cocky laid an egg or thereabouts.

It was upped from half an hour to an hour a while back, and that caused a problem for viewers like me: too much screen-time to fill for the programme-makers meant a step away from what the show used to be – from instructions to display.

Here’s an example:


I’ll be in my new place on the 8th of next month. It has two outside yards and a front garden, and this latter has been let go. I’m hugely looking forward to getting stuck into it and turning it into a flower garden; so advice and instructions are what I need. That “Gardening Australia” story about a young woman who’s made a small-ish commercial one is very nice,  but very lacking in actual help. In fact, there’s none at all.

The show has moved away from giving viewers information, and now provides … ahh … entertainment, I suppose: stories about the results of other people’s work, not how they did it.

This is ANNOYING. It is FRUSTRATING. And it is also SILLY.

I mean, where shall I turn now for help ?!

P.S.: https://youtu.be/zn2r0K7vnSU


The Little Bear is the cat’s pyjamas :)

Tatsiana’s main thing is overlay crochet. I’ve not tried it so far, simply because I know my own limitations – meaning I’d weary of it even quicker than ‘ordinary’ crochet.

But check this one:

She calls it “Stained Glass Wonder blanket”, and you can see why.

I’m tempted: can’t say I’m not … As I’ve said, colour will always pull me in.

But why would I make a second stained glass throw ?

Naah. Got so many other beautiful things lined up; and only the gods know if I’m ever going to make any of ’em. Still have that second knee-warmer for M to finish, anyway. Slower with each passing day on that … JESUS H. ROOSEVELT CHRIST ! – I am reliable only in my unreliability.

The importance of voting 2

Australia has another federal election next month, so we are all in the throes of the pre-election blues: bullshit from morning to night from all the media.

We have compulsory voting.

There are many Aussies whose chief joy in life it is to front up to their polling booth and write something “witty” (like, not !) on their forms rather than actually vote. Or who simply scrunch up the forms and drop them in the wpb on their way out.

Well, yes: of course we’re in a position where there isn’t a politician on the horizon whose presence we can view with ease: they’re all complete dickheads who haven’t yet worked out that we employ them to carry out our political will. They still think they’re better than everyone else; and have been elected by us to pontificate rubbish and do whatever suits them (often according to what the lobbyists want).

But every ‘western’ nation is in the same position: look around — where do you see a population happy with its political representatives ?

How come we with our compulsory voting can’t get a better result than all those other countries where voters are not legally obliged to get up off their (_|_)s on voting day …?

Just think: if everyone actually thought about his/her vote and arrived at a decision – whether happy with it or not – before going to the polling booth … why, we could have a meaningful result !

The importance of voting 1

“The 55.7% VAP* turnout in 2016 puts the U.S. behind most of its peers in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), most of whose members are highly developed, democratic states. Looking at the most recent nationwide election in each OECD nation, the U.S. placed 26th out of 32 (current VAP estimates weren’t available for three countries).”

*“the estimated voting-age population, or VAP”


Just think: if everyone entitled to vote actually gave it some thought before going to the polling booth, and put the result of their considered opinions down on the voting forms … why, there could be a meaningful result !

One down …

Can you identify this object ?

WOT ? – you can’t ???

It’s the first of M’s knee-warmers. As you can clearly see by comparing it with that of the pattern in my previous post, it’s virtually identical: different medium, different stitch (of necessity), different yarn weight, differen yarn colour and different pattern entirely. You could exchange one for the other and never notice the difference, eh ?

I sent a  text to L, yesterday: “First one finished. Sure that won’t be enough …?”

I haven’t heard back.


I did look at the pattern I bought; but there was far too much ribbing and moss stitch; and I’m not into switching the yarn around after every single stitch. I regretfully decided that SpinningAnna’s suggestion of sideways would see me involved in short rows – about which I know absolutely nothing. So it became a matter of playing it by ear; and using the measurements supplied by M&L I made a chain of 47 using two strands of DK (I think: I forgot to measure the WsPI) and set off. For a while I reduced the scs by 2 every second round, then by 1 for a bit, and then I just went ’round and around for a good long while. Once having reached 34cm, as demanded by M, I stopped.

Bloody marvellous: look out, all you indie designers !   :D

M wants knee-warmers !

I cannot deny him this latest obsession, as he is about the kindest friend of the male variety I’ve found in all the years since Chic went away (and oh, how he didn’t want to leave me).

I went looking on Ravelry for a pattern – where else ? – and thought I’d clicked on ‘knitting’ in the filters. I was deeply disappointed by the paltry result. And in my usual fashion, I immediately emailed SpinningAnna begging for help.

Then I thought “hang on … those weird leg-warmer thingies aren’t knitted – they’re crocheted !” and recognized my normal response of half-wittedness.

So, having rectified the Ravelry search, I did find a knitting pattern for knee-warmers.

But Anna has already written back with a splendid suggestion: make ’em sideways ! M has told me the length of the warmers – 33cm – so it’s a matter of casting on that measurement and making the resultant shape 46cm on one side and 36cm on the other. Short rows ? – hang on: back to the Oracle … Mein gott ! – she has left that part to me ! She must be a woman of Great Faith … [grin]


Thoughts one shouldn’t think

Been thinking about this business of the weight of years. One does, that’s all I can say. It doesn’t mean anything sinister or depressing: it just means that my nails need cutting and I’m sitting here putting it off, so have time on my hands (so to speak).

The loss of stuff is the main irritant: collagen and the like, you know ? The backs of my hands ! – how can there be so many little sharp wrinkles ?! How come I keep finding little places on my skin (not my hands) where odd dry bits are; and if I scratch at ’em I make a sore ?! Why did I need to have cataracts removed and replaced with artificial lenses that mean I can’t see anything close up any more ? – I spent my entire life being able to look at things held six inches from my eyes; but since last September I can’t see anything much closer than bloody infinity ! I wish I’d done what P did, and had close vision lenses put in: I’ve had to get multi-focals again, with the top part nothing at all, the middle (a very small middle) laptop distance and the bottom for C&K.

Why is it that I stiffen up when sitting here and walk like a duck when I first arise from the seated position ? Why do I need a goddam nanna nap most afternoons ? – and after one, look like someone had pressed my face with a large tamper ? (Actually, it could be an ordinary-sized tamper that they’ve applied a lot of times.)

I really do know the answers to these not-too-inscrutable questions; but every so often they gather about me again and fly in my face. Which reminds me: is my chin just like Mitch McConnell’s ?, or am I being merely morose ?

And the stuff people publish about how to beat this ! – hard to credit that there are many who take it all very seriously and do their utmost to avoid the A word.

Still. Bottom line: I don’t mind it. It’s just that sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in some reflective surface and am actually startled: WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN ?!

(I shall search out a pic. of me and Lui when I’ve just woke up from a you-know … n-n … because I’m not too ashamed to reveal the ghastliness. Just don’t know right now where I filed it.)

Found it. It’s worse than I thought; kinda wish I hadn’t shown bravado …

But you must admit that whilst I look like I’ve been dragged backwards through a bush, Lui looks his usual sublime self.   :)

Which isn’t fair: at 12½ cat years he’s almost exactly my age ! PFUH ! It’s like I’ve always said: men only get better-looking as they age, whilst women …


A step in the wrong direction

I’ve already written of my impending move. Today I started the behind-the-scenes infrastructure organising that’s needed with every move I make (someone should write a song, etc., etc.), and with my second call ran into an almost insoluble problem.

My ISP is unable to accommodate me – as they always do, with every etc., etc. – with a continuing supply of cable Internet. It’s not them: it’s the place I’m moving to. Because it’s supported by the guvmnt, it has to bite the bullet and bow the knee (do those two go well together …?) to guvmnt standards and requirements; and Australia’s loathed and detested National Broadband Network, the much-heaped-upon-with-opprobrium NBN, is set to provide the whole place. But not till th 31st May.

As my moving date has come forward to May 8th, that’d mean 3 weeks without the Internet. No email. No web. As I just said to H in an email, NO WAY.

So I have to take a backward technological step and go back to bloody broadband. ACK !

When just today at around lunchtime my iiNet cable connection reached 102 mbps.

Words fail. (It’s a relief, isn’t it ? [grin])

And for your delectation I add the fact that this mind-bogglingly brilliant piece of word art was stolen from a web article about ‘Insolvency II’. So there.

Sighh …

Seems I can’t do anything right, at this time. Well, in terms of C&K, anyway. Grrrrr …

Here is the WIP with which I replaced the failed brioche lapghan: this is a simple knit stitch called ‘mistake rib’ (as probably everyone else in the world knew all along). If only one or other (or all) of the gods would chuck down a thunderbolt that enabled me to take even remotely acceptable photos, I would be a lot happier — a whole big lot !

The problem is that it isn’t wide enough.

It will stretch, provided I put some kind of appropriate border around it. Imagine having to put a border around a bloody lapghan ! I think only M.R., I do.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what kind/design of border would suit ?