I need putting out of my misery :\

Maybe a bit OTT, that title …

But the time I’ve had in the last several days is not that which I’d wish on anyone else. Nope: while the end could possibly be said to justify the means, them means oughtn’t make such demands !

First, I had new carpet laid. Not easy, inasmuch as I was obliged to have my lovely removalist take away all the furniture from the lounge and the two bedrooms – prior to which I had to empty everything (of course). Stashed as much as possible in the bathroom/laundry (great preponderance of that coupling here in Geelong’s rented premises), and lugged the rest out onto the back … thingy. Not a verandah; not even a back room: a kind of cubby made by ‘building in’ one end of a rear yard. Happy was I that it’s there: dunno what I could possibly have done had it not been !

Anyway. It all had to be reversed at carpet-laying’s end – one bloke only, had to work his (_|_) off – and then I collapsed. Happily, M was there to help in several ways, or I would’ve done the collapsing sooner. Dramatically.

It IS nice but – the new carpet.   :)

Then I spilled coffee on my laptop keyboard. Oh CHRIST ! – never done it before in my entire IT-related existence. The happy ending is this gorgeous new Acer ‘Aspire 5’, now the pride of my existence. But even though spending the entire arvo on it today, I’m nowhere near completing its setting-up with Favourites on the browser and software on the taskbar.

Then I lost my purse. Again. Only 5 months since the last time. Talk about screaming and tearing my hair … Had to stop my debit card – no choice, as the bloody things can simply be tapped and need no password/whatever. Need I say that about ten minutes after finalising the card’s stopping, I was phoned and told my purse was found …? – thought not.

I’m absolutely stuffed. So much so that I cannot think of a single image to add to this post. I might, later … Something to do with WHINGEING, I fancy … AHA !!! – found it …

My life … [grin]

Go on - you can say it. :)

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