Time for KNITTING stitches

This lady is no slouch: I refer to Barbara Breitner, who has written a book called “Knitting on the Net”.

You could visit her (ugh !) Facebook site ifyou need to track it down. But on the other hand, you can just follow the link behind the image below to her website and find a really good list of knitting stitches. As, for instance,

There are dozens of ’em, all very clearly written up and described in terms of why you might want to use ’em.

I’ve been browsing for knitting stitches because of having stuffed up my WIP – a brioche lapghan, 99 stitches long. I add that last bit so’s you can see how goddam infuriating it is to’ve found a hideous error many rows back. And here to prove it —


Unfortunately, the wool is kinda speckley and doesn’t lend itself to photos. But in the lower one about two columns to the left of the edge of the ball of wool, the brioche column wanders off from left to right, so that it looks as if a rib of black has turned into a rib of white. SHITABRICK, but I don’t know how I do these things. Now you get why I apostrophize myself so violently …

And I’m running out of time to make something for a beloved friend’s birthday.   :(   :(   :(

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