A step in the wrong direction

I’ve already written of my impending move. Today I started the behind-the-scenes infrastructure organising that’s needed with every move I make (someone should write a song, etc., etc.), and with my second call ran into an almost insoluble problem.

My ISP is unable to accommodate me – as they always do, with every etc., etc. – with a continuing supply of cable Internet. It’s not them: it’s the place I’m moving to. Because it’s supported by the guvmnt, it has to bite the bullet and bow the knee (do those two go well together …?) to guvmnt standards and requirements; and Australia’s loathed and detested National Broadband Network, the much-heaped-upon-with-opprobrium NBN, is set to provide the whole place. But not till th 31st May.

As my moving date has come forward to May 8th, that’d mean 3 weeks without the Internet. No email. No web. As I just said to H in an email, NO WAY.

So I have to take a backward technological step and go back to bloody broadband. ACK !

When just today at around lunchtime my iiNet cable connection reached 102 mbps.

Words fail. (It’s a relief, isn’t it ? [grin])

And for your delectation I add the fact that this mind-bogglingly brilliant piece of word art was stolen from a web article about ‘Insolvency II’. So there.


    1. You and I are as one on this, Maggie: even though I’ve very recently had my phone set up on-line, I do NOT like that. Couldn’t possibly hack it for three weeks. So it’s back to broadband; and I haven’t been there for 2½ years.

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  1. On the occasions of an Internet outage I become anxious and very cranky. I hope the change of address is a strong move forward, unlike the backward glance to broadband!


    1. Hello again, beautiful Debra: how’re things up there on the coast ?
      The only thing making me cranky about this is having to leave cable Internet behind, having finally seen it achieve 100 Mbps ! – yes, I do not mean kbps, either !
      I too hold strong hopes about the move; but it’s making me a bit anxious on account of its … finality ? Even if I never have to move into one of their semi-independent units (let alone real aged care), this lovely little unit must be and can only be the last move I make.
      Mind you, Lui will be chuffed. :)

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