The importance of voting 2

Australia has another federal election next month, so we are all in the throes of the pre-election blues: bullshit from morning to night from all the media.

We have compulsory voting.

There are many Aussies whose chief joy in life it is to front up to their polling booth and write something “witty” (like, not !) on their forms rather than actually vote. Or who simply scrunch up the forms and drop them in the wpb on their way out.

Well, yes: of course we’re in a position where there isn’t a politician on the horizon whose presence we can view with ease: they’re all complete dickheads who haven’t yet worked out that we employ them to carry out our political will. They still think they’re better than everyone else; and have been elected by us to pontificate rubbish and do whatever suits them (often according to what the lobbyists want).

But every ‘western’ nation is in the same position: look around — where do you see a population happy with its political representatives ?

How come we with our compulsory voting can’t get a better result than all those other countries where voters are not legally obliged to get up off their (_|_)s on voting day …?

Just think: if everyone actually thought about his/her vote and arrived at a decision – whether happy with it or not – before going to the polling booth … why, we could have a meaningful result !


  1. ” where do you see a population happy with its political representatives ?”
    Very good question. I vote when given the opportunity. Doing so allows me to validly complain about the current administration.


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