The Little Bear is the cat’s pyjamas :)

Tatsiana’s main thing is overlay crochet. I’ve not tried it so far, simply because I know my own limitations – meaning I’d weary of it even quicker than ‘ordinary’ crochet.

But check this one:

She calls it “Stained Glass Wonder blanket”, and you can see why.

I’m tempted: can’t say I’m not … As I’ve said, colour will always pull me in.

But why would I make a second stained glass throw ?

Naah. Got so many other beautiful things lined up; and only the gods know if I’m ever going to make any of ’em. Still have that second knee-warmer for M to finish, anyway. Slower with each passing day on that … JESUS H. ROOSEVELT CHRIST ! – I am reliable only in my unreliability.

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