The Reader is an irritating thing

Basically, it renders a total waste of time anything one does to make one’s blog appealing: everyone might as well be running the same theme, within

Why go to the trouble of removing certain functions from your page when the Reader reinstates them ?

I would like it not to exist.

It makes post-reading a matter of a quick glance-through and perhaps a “Like” – or not. As for Comments ! – sure, you can make one, but that isn’t actively encouraged … meaning, as I know for a fact, that there are some people who give that quick glance at the Reader’s version and decide they won’t bother clicking through; thus avoiding both finishing the post and leaving a comment.

Probably the WordPress people intend that one has to make one’s post openings so bloody rivetting that the Reader’s version will always be clicked through: whose nose ? :\

In my opinion – always readily given ! [grin] – all it succeeds in is a sort of LCD effect for bloggers who haven’t been around long enough to’ve racked up hundreds or thousands of followers.

I shall again, one day – if I live long enough. Meanwhile, I detest the Reader ! Oh … except when I’m looking for more blogs, that is: yes, it’s ace for doing that !

One thought on “The Reader is an irritating thing

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