Hmmm …

Things going well, but my mood not so much.

Have had to submit a claim via the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal – referred to only as VCAT – to try to get back my bond from the previous unit. I took back the keys on Thursday of last week, and followed up with an irritated email of enquiry, but still nothing. Just, like, nothing. So I applied to VCAT to get back my bond. Had this email from the agent later that day:

I replied within the same minute:

and have heard, since then, not another word. So my application stands, and if/until the agency signs off on the entire amount, there is a VCAT hearing listed for the end of this month. Meanwhile I’m short of over a thousand bucks and am going to have to borrow from friends (again).

Life seems to be nothing but this kind of shit. My ISP keeps right on invoicing me regardless of delay in service. How is it that suppliers can do this and get away with it; but if a consumer tries it on s/he is served with legal notices ?

Why is it that I can’t seem to stop whingeing ?

Sighh … I read other people’s blogs and they aren’t stuffed with references to the first person – only mine. “I” and “me” and “my” and “myself” – JESUS H. ROOSEVELT CHRIST ! This writer is going to have to adopt the Dickensian style of self-reference, friends: from now on no more first person pronouns, OK ?

Well, as few as possible, anyway. (As for the above, this writer would’ve had it as one sentence with a colon in the middle. Or is it just that with advancing years the colon takes greater precedence …?)

So there.

It’s all good. Mostly because a shower’s in the offing, and then maybe some yarn sorting.   :)


  1. Well, maybe it’s because your blog is about your life – and that’s a very valid blog to write – while others like me write about books. Horses for courses MR.

    Boy landlords these days seem tough. Our son took on one a couple of rentals back and won – or won to the level he agreed with.

    As for colons, loved your comment because I’ve been with people a couple of times lately where the colon and semi-colon have been a topic of discussion. Do you mean a colon or a semi-colon? I can understand using a semi-colon in that spot, but I’m aware that these days sentences are simpler. Shorter sentences, rather than longer sentences with semi-colons. And fewer commas which I like to use a lot to make sure what I’m saying is clear.

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    1. I’ve developed a habit of using a semi-colon before some kind of list and a colon before some kind of exposition. As here: this is the exposition ! Or when Im going to say a couple of things; like, y’know, or perhaps just that sort of rubbish. My, what clairty – not. Sighh … Trust you to pick my bones. ;)
      Btw: the reason the agent is behaving like a total (_¤_) is that I’ve already put in a claim to VCAT for new carpets, and won. Then I gave notice. [grin]


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