My hometown’s doing alright

This is REALLY impressive. So damned simple !

An obvious question (which would be received in silence were I able to put it): to all the town and city Australian Councils – why haven’t you taken this up ?!

Oh, and P.S.: when I grew up in Perth, Kwinana was, like, a completely different part of the topography. The thought of its ever being listed as part of Perth would’ve had us in fits of laughter, scorn or amazement …

3 responses

  1. Wow, what a great idea. Love it. And then a job for people to go around and collect/emtpy them regularly, not to mention, the next stage of sorting and recycling.


    1. Be good to know which Councils have adopted it, eh ? – then why am I so pessimistic about the figures ? Maybe it’s just because the bloody Greater Geelong City Council is so DREADFULLY BAD …


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