And here’s the other story

This is such fun !

As my colours aren’t the same as Lucia’s, I needed to get some way of arranging them that didn’t involve taking her 63 squares pages and replacing my colours on her list. The GSCPG was it !

Had a feeling I’d once seen something of this kind on-line, so searched under “mathematical way of using many colours” or the like, and sure enough, there it was. O happy day !

Enter 9 squares wide by 7 square high by 4 colours in each square and press GENERATE and Bob’s yer uncle.

Oh, except for the vital first stage: setting up your colours. This is quite a testing process, as (a) the little thingy doesn’t allow for entering HEX code, and (b) the colours it generates aren’t exactly the same as one manages to produce within the little thingy.

I shall ask this marvellously clever woman if she can add HEX coding to it, and then it will be absolutely perfect;

In the meantime, it’s hugely entertaining !

7 thoughts on “And here’s the other story

  1. I’m sorry to have taken four months to get here but hope you’ve been granted a ‘your stats are booming’ message from WP to compensate. As you know, I am a most unreliable communicator but I shall endeavour to do better in future.

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