The vintage walrus has begun

I’m fairly happy with the first few motifs, even though the row that caused me so much trouble that I had to seek help from someone on the Italian Scot’s Facebook site – which I did, of course !, by email – is also that on which the background colour cannot be hidden. Sighh … This kind woman sent me a chart; but was obliged to confess that she hasn’t actually got around to making the Walrus.

So if you check back to the picture from the pattern you can see that my motifs do actually resemble Lucia’s. Well, that’s the claim I’m making, anyway.

The odd thing is that I haven’t yet come across anyone who’s made it: Pippin Poppycock hasn’t, either. I should put my statement in context: of those with whom I’ve communicated, none has made it.

Here’s hoping I shall not become yet another of these fans who can’t seem to get around to it. At least I’ve started.



  1. Comes from the original “version” (inverted commas because the motifs weren’t the same), of which the colours were inspired by.
    Why this one is ‘vintage’ is beynd me,


    1. I’m hopiing the finished article will be a bloody knockout, Sue.
      But I may kark before finishing.
      Hmm … there’s a new phrase for me to use: Don’t Kark Before Finishing !
      Next time you see ‘DKBF’, remember what it means.

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  2. BTW What have you done? I was subscribed to you and was receiving emails, and then suddenly they stopped! I thought maybe you’d not been posting for a while! Silly me! Anyhow, I decided to check here rather than my in box and lo and behold there’s a post from you! IN fact, I’m guessing were are many that I will now go back and read.

    (I discovered in your sidebar that I was once again being asked to follow rather than being recorded as a follower. Clearly something happened to disenfranchise me during that time you asked for a screen dump!)


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