My unfortunate eldest sister

Whispering Gums reminded me in a comment, totally unintentionally, of something vile I did to J, my most respectable and quite brilliant sister (there were once 5 of us, but now we are only 3).

The comment was regarding my completing a crocheted lapghan for J – the one in two shades of grey NO NOT FIFTY !!!! – that I posted about here. A serious bit of work, of which I am proud.

However, the vile thing was this:

Heh heh …

It is in fact quite a good FO: the pattern got a bit tricky as the size increased, inasmuch as the number of 8s and 3s and whathaveyou meant I had to concentrate, or frog rows and rows. (Actually, I did that a fair bit. Grrrrrrrrr …) But the COLOURS, my dears ! – simply frightful !   :)

Trouble was that the American Yarn online shop in Melbourne had almost run out of this pertickler type/weight/etc., so I was limited to this or one that was grave-coloured – you know, greens and greys and blacks and stuff.

I did tell Jocie,up there in her Paris flat, that it was meant for her to put ’round her shoulders in the Parisian winter – only for interior use. Besides, I added, as she would need to be wearing sunglasses as well, it might as well be spring (even were she not starry-eyed and discontented …).

But I somehow think she’s never put it on. Pity.


    1. Tsk ! – crocheted, Amanda – crocheted. But you can be forgiven: it is as if you saw me doing it, observing the way I use my crochet hook like single needle knitting. :D

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      1. My apologies! Of course it is crocheted. I was never any good at either craft. Crochet I did manage to make a super long string of single crochet once. Totally useless, but I did nail that stitch. Hah!


        1. Probably made a chain of 230. Coulda started crocheting a sideways scarf. Moi, I do not have the patience to crochet sideways. How ambitious of you ! Heh heh …

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            1. Good GRIEF ! – tunisian crochet ! That is extremely clever of you, You have hidden abilities. Tunisian crochet and brioche knitting are my two favourites (see Pages).


              1. Although I have some large Tunisian needles that are from Norway that would dearly love to find a good home. They are double ended, so you can make wrist warmers. Would you like them?

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                1. It woud be interesting … but I do my tunisian always with circulars; that way I never have to fear dropping stitches and not realizing.
                  As to the reality TV: I have heard of MAFS, but have never seen it. And I have never even heard of any of the others you mention. But I did greatly enjoy that 4-part series on lego building. First and only thing I’ve watched on commercial TV in years – not counting the cricket, that is …


                    1. It seems he irritates almost everyone ! :D
                      I don’t know Andy. I remember Hamish from that musical quiz show hosted by Adam Hills; and he was irritating on that, alright.
                      But he wasn’t too bad with the lego people; and it was bloody amazing, what they could do.
                      Anyway. That’s my total experience of “reality” (pfuh ! – what a LIE !!!) TV.


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