Can’t make it out :\

See these ?

Yarn bowls. Sold by all the big companies and made by hand by many creative people. Question: when did you last see a ball of yarn that would fit into one ?

Oh sure, one can buy one’s classy wool or blend in skeins and have to haul out the swift and the ball-winder, ending up with a round cake of whatever; but in most cases the cake is too big for the average yarn bowl. And anyway, yarn one buys in skeins is always very expensive (around, say, AUD36 and not necessarily all that many metres).

Buying the kind of yarn I’m currently using sees big fat soft … erhmm … sort of oval-shaped balls[*] that can’t possibly fit any yarn bowl I’ve ever seen. And they are, in fact, these oval-shaped balls, absolutely infuriating: they’re designed to be pulled from the outside; but woven in such a way that they have to either turn over and over when you’re yanking them, or you can’t yank as you go but must pull off lengths of yarn every so often. I find that so irritating that I frequently feel like throwing them on the floor.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this ? I mean, is it just me, using the yarn somehow incorrectly ? Why isn’t the world full of grumpy people knitting or crocheting and muttering ?

If all yarn were produced to be pulled from the centre I’d be as happy as a pig in horrid stuff: the ball/s (current project has me using two at a time) just sit there, as well-behaved as anything; no turning over and over and tightening in the process, no need to keep unwinding lengths in advance … (Of course, there is the downside of how do you manage to rewind if you need to frog.)

I need answers. Hope to get some.



[*] once you’ve got ’em going, that is: they start out with ‘waists’ under the label – slightly hourglass-shaped



  1. You won’t get answers from me. I haven’t knitted since I was about 12 – being allergic to wool doesn’t help. I’ve never heard of yarn bowls, but those are really pretty even if not useful. I’ll be interested to see the answers.

    I presumed you’ve searched YouTube on this?

    I admit though that I always see oval sorts of balls in window displays.

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  2. I wind all my skeins into centre-pull cakes before using them, so they sit nicely in my yarn bowl.
    I do remember reading a blog where someone set up a contraption that looked a bit like a kitchen roll holder, but it rotated at the base. The idea being you skewer the oval-shaped balls onto it, and it spins as you work so the ball unwinds smoothly. Maybe you could look into something like that?

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    1. A yarn butler, that is. I may have bought The Wrong One; but I couldn’t make it work – wouldn’t spin freely. :(
      These Scheepjes balls are 300m long, and will never make one cake – but you’re quite right, and have made me determined. I shall make probably two cakes of each. Am good at an invisible knot. :)
      Jesus. I look at my little trolley-full of yarn and count about 17 balls. Might as well retire from life for a while, eh ?
      Thanks for your input, and please may I know your name ?

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