Definitely winter Downunder

An excuse to put up a couple of shots of Lui – an amazingly cheap new cat basket that my friend J found at Kmart for her inherited mog Sooty and was persuaded to buy another for Lui:

As for why it’s where it is, on a chair that it really don’t fit in … that black chair I bought second-hand for a good price, without thinking. His Maj instantly took to it, so that I have to shroud it in a large green sheet until someone visits. I then whip the sheet off, trying to ensure getting the fur-bespeckled side on the outside when I fold it and almost invariably not succeeding … Hey ho, into the washing-machine again. Does Lui’s fur come off things easily ? Only when someone sits where he’s been … Otherwise the answer is NONONONONO.

Sighh …

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  1. Well, here I am…lured by a Lui photo in a kitty bed. I hear you about cat hair (times 2). It’s a never-ending battle which I tend to lose. Rotten shedding cats.

    Enjoy your winter. It’s going to be 90 and humid here this weekend.

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    1. The heat ain’t too bad, M-J: it’s the humidity that generates loathing. Well, it is with me. :\

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      1. I hear you…I do not like the humidity either, which is here for a few days. Heat index around 38C the next two days. I’m staying inside as much as possible!

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        1. O wise one !


  2. it’s his chair, his bed, in his house. I love how obvious it is to him.

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    1. This is a mog who has lived his entire life (nearly 13) being revoltingly spoiled. They say that parental habits skip generations, after all. [grin]

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  3. The Kmart pet beds are winners. Don’t tell anyone but I’ve bought the dog beds for relaxation cushions at school…

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    1. You really are Top Shopper, H me love ! :)
      Those cat thingies are TEN BUCKS ! Have I told you the prices of the ones at the Animal Deli ? – you don’t wanna know.

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  4. It might be cheap but it’s a very stylish bed. Just right for a stylish looking cat.

    I love your comment that his fur only comes off easily only when someone sits where he’s been! Haha, M-R!

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    1. And it’s true. :(

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