Et ça marche …

Don’t sigh and roll your eyes: you knew all along you were going to have to put up with this.   ;)

Hope you’re impressed with the consistency of my dreadul photographic skills ! Not many could produce frame after frame, as do I, of appallingly bad images, you know.


Another few motifs done, and the introduction of a wee bit of glitter. Decided that it cain’t hoit … Whaddya reckon ?

Bummer. Just seen that the glitter is too subtle to be seen. Mebbe a close shot or two, next time ’round.


  1. Haha, I was just going to say “there’s glitter there?” and thought that would be a bit unkind. Maybe it’s just my eyes. And then I scrolled down and you let me off the hook.

    Still, glitter or no glitter, you are doing a great job! they look wunderbar.

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    1. The challenge lies in doing my best to make all 63 as different as possible. Lucia, the creator, actually provides an exact chart; but it only works if you can get the same yarn in the same colours. Downunder that’s impossible, either from the UK or the US. So one does one’s alternatives best. :) I shall provide a couple of closeups, because the bits of glitter really do add something. Thank-you, Maggie ! :)

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    1. And you are absolutely correct, Hannah ! I’m actually very pleased with it; and have now decided to do the central motif in gold and silver.
      Nothing exceeds like excess, after all.

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