I hate Lisette !

Knitting Patterns Galore included, this-morning, a really super pattern for a jumper – sorry, sweater (I always type that word as ‘sewater’ initially).

“Indeed,” thinks I: “that does look nice !” I click on the little image:

and am confirmed in my thinking. Going further in, I see

that this sort-of-yoke pattern is quite delightful, and decide to download the free pattern for when (NOT if !) I finish the Vintage Walrus. Going to the free download page, I find, however, this:

and realize, to my horror, that the sleeves only go as far as the bottom of the pattern ! Imagine what would happen were the wearer to throw her arms in the air !!!

Bloody Lisette ! – damn her, damn her ! She is a kind of siren – luring us in with her looks only to reveal herself as REALLY SILLY. Doubt that she ever sang a note.    :(




    1. AND I’ve just realized for the very first time that the company name is ‘Berroco’, Hannah ! They even pronounce it properly. [gasp !]


      1. yes, in my family I am known for my wit and fun!
        Lillepoes on the other hand is more know to shit and run…

        is it a geriatic cat thing? she doesn’t cover her poo anymore. Stands, stares and runs away. the smell… the smell! Lisette wouldn’t dream of wearing a sweater with so many holes in it nearby.

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        1. “Holes” ? – that’s, like, LACE. Well, sort of.
          As for Lillepoes … Yes, I believe so (about her geriatric changes). It’s disturbing, because we know how fussy our beautiful cats are, normally. Lui’s worst habit is leaping out and taking half the recycled paper litter with him in his paw pads, and spreading it generously about the place. Happily it’s not the used bits. :}

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  1. If it has occurred to anyone to wonder, idly, “Is that the same template she was using the other day ?”, there is a reason: I have yet to find one that actually places comment and reply correctly !
    E.g., Hannah’s comment is at the bottom of the others, while my response to it is at the bloody TOP.
    I find this intensely irritating. :(


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