J’s birthday: misery   :(

July 27th is the day on which my eldest sister was born. So, as I love my eldest sister (and also my youngest sister), why the misery …?

Because what I made for her is gone. Disappeared. Vanished into the cavernous depths of the French postage system.

Remember this ?

That’s it. After all the time I spent on careful creation, realizing that it IS possible to crochet from side to side without its growing larger, or smaller, or one after the other, or both at once, or slanted … in other words, that I am actually able to create a crocheted lap blanket that’s simply straight up and down – and even without blocking ! – after all this time, as I say, it’s just – gone.

J will never set eyes on the lap blanket I made for her winters up there in Paris, in her little flat that she loves almost as much as she loves the city itself. She will never be found sitting at her desk in, say, January, writing a paper for some conference or other and keeping her lap warm with my lapghan.

So. She’s coming back to Oz in September for a brief sojourn. I must make something to replace the birthday present she never received. The Vintage Walrus must be put on hold while I do this, and that’s that.

This is where I get to make a lapghan with that amazing combo of yarns I posted about yesterday. Unhappily, it won’t be that really nice combination of greens, because I don’t have time to wait for a parcel delivery from the US – nor do I have the money (US postage to Oz is unbelievably expensive) – and instead I’ve chosen something she will like from the very limited range of colours available here.

Not a happy story, not at all. And especially because that lapghan was the first time in my life that I’ve made something plain but good, and finished it. Sighh …

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  1. Catching up on your posts, M-R. The miserable postal system, huh? Or was it a shipping company? So sorry your lap warmer as lost after the love and time you put into it.

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    1. Thanks for your nice sentiments, m’dear – all wasted, as it transpires … :)


  2. Oh nooooo, all your hard work! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it’s just VERY delayed and turns up soon.

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    1. Oh yeeeeeees, all my hard graft, Hannah ! It would be nice to think it’ll turn up; but I’m now turning paranoid and thinking that I must’ve addressed it incorrectly. :(


  3. You never know, it might turn up. My American friend in LA received in June a letter I’d posted in April, so, you know …

    But, meanwhile, that’s terrible news, really. Of all things to go missing, a beautiful handmade lapghan, not a book that can be replaced. I feel your pain.

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    1. And so you should ! :D

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  4. Darn the French. Perhaps it is all the checks for bombs that is slowing it down. It may yet turn up. Fingers and crochet hooks crossed for you.

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    1. Never thunk of that ! You’re an idiot, Amanda ! [grin]


      1. Thanks for the compliment, MrsMrs!


        1. Heh heh …

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  5. oh no, what misfortune :( How can the postal service be so careless, these days.
    Congratulations with your sister, nonetheless

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    1. Thanks, mate ! I shall not slash my wrists. I shall just maunder on about it every so oten. ;)


  6. after all that work! Hopefully, it will turn up at some point!

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    1. It MIGHT … but I posted it on June 17th, so I think that if it ever does, it’ll only be back here. :( And by then it’ll be – somwhat bedraggled. :\ Yes, all that work, Maggie: I do wish I could stop whingeing about that in my mind and via the keyboard !

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