It’s about Lui again

He had an appointment with Nev the vet this-morning, at which I was to show her the videos of his progress (or lack thereof).

The problem has been found: there is not yet a diagnosis.

Under the middle toe of his right foot there is (now ! – but never before) a fairly big, hard-ish swelling. He will no longer let Nev manipulate his right foot; and in fact he hissed at her when she did. So she stopped, and went looking; and there it was.

It’s likely to be a tumour. Has he been coughing lately ? – why, yes … a couple of times in the last week or so: why ? Because there is a form of lung cancer in cats that metastisises – or simply shows itself – in their digits. But there’s also a possibility that it’s a local tumour, in which case we will simply remove that toe.

He’s still there at the vets’, having X-rays of both his right front paw and of his lungs.

Nev will call me in a couple of hours to come and collect him.

Can we, meanwhile, all do as The Doctor’s followers did in that rather super ‘Martha Jones vs  The Master’ episode, and call out “Lui … Lui .. Lui …” ?

White Gum Wool

Oh, check out this glorious stuff !

I came across this site by following something or other. As you do.

And the totally sustainable wool thereon is SO beautiful that I have bought three large balls of fingering (as seen above) with which to make a lovely shawl as an entry for Geelong’s new competition – the one that used to be the Scarf Festival but is now much bigger and moneyed up ! I was fairly disappointed last year when my entry didn’t rate a mention: I’ll see if I still have a photo (brioche again, it is) …

I’ve JUST begun. I was ordered by the marvellous Nan, whose sheep station it is at White Gum Wool, to send her a photo of my practising brioche because I haven’t done any for yonks; and I had to apologise because it was such a small bit:


but I’m not even that far so far … erhm, not even as far advanced as that, so far. :)

Madly in love with this project. And there’s no point your screwing up your face and saying “Yes, but you were with your last one – and look what happened to that !”, because I gave you the very real reasons. Not one of which applies here. So there !

It’s about Lui

He was seen, coupla months back, to have developed a very common side effect – so to speak – of feline diabetes: neuropathy in a hind leg (never in a fore-leg, only one at the back). It was his right, and he walked on it like a bear does – flat from the toes to the back of the heel:

whereas a cat normally walks on its toes:

See the diff. ? – and how strange it would be to see a cat walking with an entirely flat back foot ?

Anyway, it was awful; because that right back leg also trembled, and I would cry every time I saw that happening to my once large and fearsome (not really) mog.

But it eventually went away, the neuropathy ! I reckon I was more pleased about that than Lui was.


His diabetes is being managed, with only one interruption when a visit to my new vet resulted in a test’s saying he was in remission and I should radically lower the insulin dose … and the test results were somehow wrong, and he wasn’t in remission and going from 5 units m+n to 3 m+n took him right back to the beginning … Still, now he’s back on being stabbed m+n with 5, and almost back to how he was.


Something is wrong with his right FRONT foot. I shall show you a video, and you’ll see how very wrong it is. In my opinion, at the outset of this, it was as if he had neuropathy in a front foot ! – but it got worse, and now it’s clear that there’s definitely something wrong there. Only trouble is: I’ve taken him back to his vet two more times and on both occasions he has refused to limp and refused to hold his paw up. In other words, he behaves as if there’s nothing wrong with him.

After the second useless visit, Nev suggested I video him. Being a NOT-phone-lover, it hadn’t entered my head. Now I video the little bugger every day; and Nev is going to be bored shitless by having to look at every single one in order to check his progress. Basically, he IS a little better; and he now occasionally puts weight on it when walking. But he still licks the paw, and sits with it pathetically held up …

SHE, the cat’s mother (read: me) is hoping against hope that this, too, will f-f-f-f-fade away …

The very first record of the not walk; and a recent one below.

Sighh … I’m at it again :\

I finished the Vintage Walrus – that is, as much as I’m going to do. I shall add a photo, later – because I need to have breakfasted, showered and dressed so that I can take it outside and put it on the lawn.

I’ve lost interest in it.

Two reasons: (1) because I was dreadfully disappointed in the yarn. Scheepjes Colour Crafter seemed glorious to me when I was making the lapghan for J – those two (ONLY !) shades of grey. But the coloured shades are far less nice to work with: the darker (or perhaps I mean more saturated) the colour, the rougher the strand. I HATE that ! I hate making something with yarn that has tiny bits sticking off it. And (2) because I couldn’t make the motifs without the stranded colours showing up like d*gs’ b*lls, which the designer did not intend. I have no idea how she managed to hide her stranding;  but you will admit that her blanket shows not a sign of the second colour’s being carried behind.

I forgot ! – there is a third reason ! (3) because some of the colours are very garish. The on-lne Scheepjes Colour Crafter photos contain a large proportion of very false representations of what you actually get.

So all in all, I am very dissatisfied with the finished (in my terms) article.

With me it’s all or nuthin’; is it all or nuthin’ with you …?

This is Annie Oakley signing off for the time being – until I add that photo.


Later: it rained last night, so there was no spreading it on the lawn. Although, to be honest, I wouldn’t’ve minded if it got sopping …

Yesyes, I know that the arrangement is far from poifick. That’s what happens when you lose interest. I believe I might’ve reached the point where I shall not construct ANY motif project again.

Btw: there are yarns other than SCC in there, if you observe closely … That’s because I wanted not to be using an acrylic with teeny little bits coming off it.


I have a loathesome disease !

It’s called “trichiasis”.

It’s really painful; or really uncomfortable; or really annoying; or really distracting. Or all at once.

I’ve had this ghastly affliction for many years – I reckon around ten or so.

Why it chose me I know not. I never heard anyone in my family speak of it; and cerrtainly no-one had to visit their specialist carer to have it looked after …

So It’s apparently not genetic. Or inherited. Or familial. Whatever.

And once you’ve caught it, you’re never free of it for the rest of your days. Thank all the gods, its best feature is that it goes once you’ve had it treated; and there can be lengthy breaks until it recurs.

This is it:

REEEEEEEALLY disgusting, eh ?

Ingrowing eyelashes.


What the— ?

So I get onto the bus after having been #4 clippered, finding the driver to be one previously met and chatted with – middle-aged bloke with all silver hair tied back in a ponytail, who has an accent from somewhere in the Balkans. Sit in the front seat on the left so as to be able to continue chatting.

Somewhere in this activity something is said that causes me to say “Of course, Trump is only making it all worse”, and from there find myself in the Madlands.

“Trump is ? – you’re kidding me !” it begins; and then follows a rave I’ve not experienced thus far. Do I not understand clearly that Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to THE WORLD ? Why do I not know that he is fighting, alone !, to right all the terrible wrongs perpetrated by those who went before ? What about Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and Obama (I draw my breath in sharply), who had rooms deep underneath the White House in which they abused helpless children ?!

I am outraged by this insanity: no-one talks about Obama like that ! Open my mouth to flay him, then shut it again. What’s the point ? He’s perfectly mad, and who would waste her time arguing with a rabid lunatic ?!

As as I disembark, thankfully, at the station, I reflect that in all probability all of Trump’s supporters are of this ilk. Surely they must be …

And think with remembered joy of the man of great learning, industry, dignity, grace and, over-all, humour (how many photos of him have you seen wearing that amazing smile ?). Yes, I’m a hopeless fan, admitting he wasn’t perfect but firmly opined that he was the best in living memory. Just check out the video link behind that devil photo !   :D

Much more than gewgaws

There are them what says crochet is silly; that you can only make tissue-box covers and mats to put around the lav. To them I speak !

I did a filtered search on Ravelry of a designer named Robyn Chachula; and the results were only of her crochet patterns for actual items of clothing – not a scarf or sock (let alone a coffee-cup cosy) amongst ’em. But the search results had to be tied in to my own Ravelry account: so I changed the search terms and now you can access all her designs on that website. I fondly hope.

Just look at what a truly creative person can design !!!

Shall we …?

You might find it hard to believe, but I’ve always had a yen for watching people dance.

That doesn’t mean people in tutus or tights: I’m talking people wearing ordinary clothes (or in certain cases, matching outfits – e.g. Bruno Mars and his team in some performances).

I once even tried it myself: when I lived in Sydney, I was persuaded to attend a line dancing evening ! – and I actually enjoyed it, even though it was a bit frustrating to be expected to pick it up after two rehearsals of each segment. But I didn’t have the right shoes, and I was never going to be able to have the right shoes; so I didn’t go again.

Now I get my dancing kicks on-line, of course: and here is a terrific example of a kind of swing, known as, alas !, “shag dancing”. Do not be put off by the name: it’s BRILLIANT.

This pertickler clip comes with Django Reinhardt backing, so you’re getting a class act. There is the slight initial distraction of the teacher’s voice in the background; but you soon get to enjoy matching what he says with what they’re doing.

I hope you like it. If you don’t, you’re a philistine.