1. Good grief! That’s disheartening! At least the mystery is solved, I guess. I hope the beautiful crocheted lap blanket wasn’t damaged in all of this world travel. Oh the places it must have seen! :-(

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    1. And it was all my fault, H: I put 6 instead of 7. Mind you, I would’ve thought they could work it out; but they’re all hide-bound rules fanatics, post office people.
      Do not even open your mouth to ask WHY I put 6 rather than 7, OK ?! :\

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    1. My lovely StarTrack driver came by with it this-morning. I was SO happy !!! Yes, J and I are in agreeement with your idea: into the post it never goes again.


    1. I know it’s ever so likely: but I can help whngeing about the fact that they oughta’ve been able to make the connection.
      Yeah, dream on you old fool, M-R … :\


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