Shall we …?

You might find it hard to believe, but I’ve always had a yen for watching people dance.

That doesn’t mean people in tutus or tights: I’m talking people wearing ordinary clothes (or in certain cases, matching outfits – e.g. Bruno Mars and his team in some performances).

I once even tried it myself: when I lived in Sydney, I was persuaded to attend a line dancing evening ! – and I actually enjoyed it, even though it was a bit frustrating to be expected to pick it up after two rehearsals of each segment. But I didn’t have the right shoes, and I was never going to be able to have the right shoes; so I didn’t go again.

Now I get my dancing kicks on-line, of course: and here is a terrific example of a kind of swing, known as, alas !, “shag dancing”. Do not be put off by the name: it’s BRILLIANT.

This pertickler clip comes with Django Reinhardt backing, so you’re getting a class act. There is the slight initial distraction of the teacher’s voice in the background; but you soon get to enjoy matching what he says with what they’re doing.

I hope you like it. If you don’t, you’re a philistine.



  1. I love to dance, but have very few opportunities to do so! Instead I mostly enjoy some of the dancing competition shows on television, and this clip was amazing. They made their routine look so easy! Such talent, and these dancers epitomize the description “light on their feet!’ :-)

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    1. I believe I remember your referring to some kind of dance group you used to go to …. but maybe it wasn’t you at all, but Hilary The Writer … It was one of you multi-talented folk, anyway, :D


  2. Not a philistine here MR, loved it.

    I/we love dancing too. Indeed we decided to return to ballroom dancing last year – good for our health and all that, but after I fell twice in four weeks (not breaking anything thank goodness) we took up our friend’s suggestion that we try her Tai Chi class instead! However, I have done some learn line dancing You Tube videos at home. I suppose it’s silly, but it’s exercise and it’s more fun than pushups!

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    1. I don’t know what it is, but watching people all doing the same steps to music has a fascination I can’t deny, ST. :) I should’ve loved to do line dancing, even though I can’t imagine what I looked like. [grin]

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