Much more than gewgaws

There are them what says crochet is silly; that you can only make tissue-box covers and mats to put around the lav. To them I speak !

I did a filtered search on Ravelry of a designer named Robyn Chachula; and the results were only of her crochet patterns for actual items of clothing – not a scarf or sock (let alone a coffee-cup cosy) amongst ’em. But the search results had to be tied in to my own Ravelry account: so I changed the search terms and now you can access all her designs on that website. I fondly hope.

Just look at what a truly creative person can design !!!


  1. I was able to see the beautiful crocheted items, M-R. I knit, but don’t crochet or I’d be tempted at some of those patterns. They are really lovely. I have always loved the look of a beautifully crocheted item as they typically have a “lacy” quality that definitely holds appeal. I’m sentimental about some of my grandmothers “gewgaws” that have absolutely no practical place in my home anymore, but I hold onto them. She lovingly crocheted them and they may only be in a box somewhere but better than a landfill! :-)

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    1. I worked out that accessing anything in Ravelry was going to be through my account; so I Googled some knitted item and went in via the results.
      Behold ! – I was just some stranger, and could access the site as such. Only takes me a year or so to work stuff out. Sighh …
      ANYFING is better than landfill, Debra the Beautiful – especially for things a loved grandmother has made.


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