What the— ?

So I get onto the bus after having been #4 clippered, finding the driver to be one previously met and chatted with – middle-aged bloke with all silver hair tied back in a ponytail, who has an accent from somewhere in the Balkans. Sit in the front seat on the left so as to be able to continue chatting.

Somewhere in this activity something is said that causes me to say “Of course, Trump is only making it all worse”, and from there find myself in the Madlands.

“Trump is ? – you’re kidding me !” it begins; and then follows a rave I’ve not experienced thus far. Do I not understand clearly that Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to THE WORLD ? Why do I not know that he is fighting, alone !, to right all the terrible wrongs perpetrated by those who went before ? What about Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and Obama (I draw my breath in sharply), who had rooms deep underneath the White House in which they abused helpless children ?!

I am outraged by this insanity: no-one talks about Obama like that ! Open my mouth to flay him, then shut it again. What’s the point ? He’s perfectly mad, and who would waste her time arguing with a rabid lunatic ?!

As as I disembark, thankfully, at the station, I reflect that in all probability all of Trump’s supporters are of this ilk. Surely they must be …

And think with remembered joy of the man of great learning, industry, dignity, grace and, over-all, humour (how many photos of him have you seen wearing that amazing smile ?). Yes, I’m a hopeless fan, admitting he wasn’t perfect but firmly opined that he was the best in living memory. Just check out the video link behind that devil photo !   :D


    1. No more am I … but he sure was a hard act to follow – for any NORMAL person, let alone someone driven by hate for him, a venal attitude to everything and no sign of brain activity. :\
      Should I know where you are, Hannah ? – I mean, have I forgotten ?

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        1. A dear friend of mine, a keen walker, has a few days ago left Glasgow VERY reluctantly ! :) She and another friend of hers are doing the Fort William to Inverness walk; and for a while there was a bit of a risk they might just stay in Glasgow. They really love it.

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  1. As you know M-R, I’m an American and I grieve every day! I won’t use your blog to “unload” the angst and sorrow that I feel, but those of us in U.S. who haven’t lost our minds YET, are suffering. I have walked away from friends I’ve had for decades because they spout the same kind of nonsense that you mentioned coming from this guy! I honestly don’t know how this is going to end, or when, but when this nightmare is over, I hope we still have some friends left in the world. I am so glad to read you held Obama in high regard. I believe history will be VERY kind to him!

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    1. Who could not, beautiful Debra ? He was everything a President should be, with extras, :)
      I grieve for you. I don’t understand how a political party comprising so many people can find it in their hearts to turn against everything they once held dear – like honesty, respect, the Office of their President, just for starters – and hold fast to a totally unhinged bastard just because he has the power that the other party doesn’t have.
      I mean, what in the name of all the gods happened to the Republicans ?
      Rhetorical question …


  2. I say ! Triffic, Hannah ! I have rit a book, but creative it isn’t – just a memoir. I wish I still had the passion to do a Masters, but I’ve lost the urge. Plus it would not be, as yours is, a tool for a career.
    Wish you all the best, mate. :)


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