Sighh … I’m at it again :\

I finished the Vintage Walrus – that is, as much as I’m going to do. I shall add a photo, later – because I need to have breakfasted, showered and dressed so that I can take it outside and put it on the lawn.

I’ve lost interest in it.

Two reasons: (1) because I was dreadfully disappointed in the yarn. Scheepjes Colour Crafter seemed glorious to me when I was making the lapghan for J – those two (ONLY !) shades of grey. But the coloured shades are far less nice to work with: the darker (or perhaps I mean more saturated) the colour, the rougher the strand. I HATE that ! I hate making something with yarn that has tiny bits sticking off it. And (2) because I couldn’t make the motifs without the stranded colours showing up like d*gs’ b*lls, which the designer did not intend. I have no idea how she managed to hide her stranding;  but you will admit that her blanket shows not a sign of the second colour’s being carried behind.

I forgot ! – there is a third reason ! (3) because some of the colours are very garish. The on-lne Scheepjes Colour Crafter photos contain a large proportion of very false representations of what you actually get.

So all in all, I am very dissatisfied with the finished (in my terms) article.

With me it’s all or nuthin’; is it all or nuthin’ with you …?

This is Annie Oakley signing off for the time being – until I add that photo.


Later: it rained last night, so there was no spreading it on the lawn. Although, to be honest, I wouldn’t’ve minded if it got sopping …

Yesyes, I know that the arrangement is far from poifick. That’s what happens when you lose interest. I believe I might’ve reached the point where I shall not construct ANY motif project again.

Btw: there are yarns other than SCC in there, if you observe closely … That’s because I wanted not to be using an acrylic with teeny little bits coming off it.



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